Reverend of Metaphysical Humanism

Hello friends!

I am stopping in today to announce that after a year of study  I earned my Masters in Metaphysical Humanistic Science AND am now officially ordained in the Church of Metaphysical Humanism.  🙏✨🌟

I’m sure some of you are wondering what the heck is Metaphysical Humanism?

Metaphysics quite simply means the study of that which is beyond physics (physical).  Humanism is the practice of understanding and enhancing the human condition.  Together they create a spiritual philosophy centered upon empowering the human spirit.  💜

As a metaphysician and humanist, my intention is to promote the holistic wellness of people as living beings on Earth.  I am less concerned with an after life, and instead seek to help heal the fear and hell-state many suffer in their living embodiment.  Do no harm; Do right, is my main guiding commandment.

The use of metaphysical tools that help connect with the Soul Self and energy of the Universe (…God, Creator, Source…whatever you call that which gave you life) are part of my spiritual practice and these tools include many wisdoms from modern religion and from ancient peoples.

My mission and ministry are simple:

✨💜 Choose Love  💜✨

Love of self.  Love of others.  Love of the Earth and her creatures.

Love is the opposite of fear and love is the absence of fear.  Love is wise.  Love is compassionate. Love is freedom.  Love is peace. Love is healing.

Dear Genie™, spiritual counseling & coaching, holistic education and community service will all remain part of my mission, and a weekly spiritual service via podcast/radio is in the works. Weddings, spiritual ceremonies, energy clearings and other rituals are all planned offerings as well.   I’ll share more on this in the coming weeks as I form my ministry.  All will be welcome regardless of religion or beliefs, race, culture, orientation, or gender.  Love is all that is required – and if you are fresh out love (or full of fear) you are invited to come to have your cup refreshed and refilled.

In the meanwhile, Dear Genie™ is always looking for submissions and to help you on your journey.  Drop me a letter.

💖 Genie

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