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Dreaming of yourself staring at the deep blue sea while meditating to the soothing sounds of water rolling on to the shore, as you imagine it covering your feet and gently gliding back to womb of the ocean, is a tremendously relaxing visualization. But there is nothing like being physically present and feeling the soft ocean breeze across your face while the smell of the sea fills your senses with tranquility and the sands massage your feet.  Real life is powerful soul healing. 

-Genie Mathews

DreamWeaver writes:

Dear Genie,

What are dreams really telling us? I constantly have a dream about one person in particular. Somebody I lost, not to death though. Somebody I had a deep connection with. It’s always good dreams, and although I feel happy to see them it makes me always feel very off and upset when I wake up because this person is no longer in my life. Should I just embrace the dreams and go with it, or is there something more I am missing? Help.

Dear DreamWeaver,

Dreams usually have one of three functions:

  1. They are a way to release stress and emotions that you are otherwise unable to release while awake. You tend to wake up from these dreams feeling the emotion of the dream, even though you recall very little of it.  They are generally chaotic and nonsensical, but can also be like a story unfolding.  The people in these dreams are usually familiar – and are people with whom you have a strong opinion towards.
  1. They are entertainment for your sleeping self. These dreams can be vivid and fun, yet make absolutely no sense. I find these dreams have wonderful colors and crazy events happening. These dreams can be initiated from a movie or TV show or conversation you had prior to bed.  Famous people and loved ones often show up in these dreams.  These dreams do not generally mean anything other than your mind was lit up by something just before bedtime.
  1. They can be messages from your intuition or higher self to alert you to something you need to pay attention to while awake. These alerts can be about your emotions, your physical health, a relationship, or even the health of others. Sometimes these dreams are premonitions – I have had several of these over my life and believe in them very much.  These messages can be from loved ones who have passed and they can be from higher vibrating energy sources like angels.

With just the information you have provided, I have intuitively picked up that your dream is most likely emotionally based (#1), but not in the way you might think.  I don’t think these dreams are actually about this person, but rather the deep connection you shared.  It’s that feeling of deep connection that your soul is seeking.  Maybe you haven’t found a connection with another person like that – or maybe you feel there is something missing in new friendships and relationships that you need.

That’s just what I am picking up energetically, but I’d need more information to be absolutely confident.  Dream interpreting really takes more a conversation to really get a good conclusion.

However, here are a few tips you can use to further investigate these dreams yourself and find some answers?

  1. Write down everything you can remember about your dream the next time you have one: Location, people, season, smells, colors, emotions, dialog, clothes, action, time placement and anything you can think of.
  2. All those things are symbols that are like pieces of the puzzle. Some are important and some are not.  What do these things mean to you?  What do they mean in relation to the person from your past?  What do these symbols represent in your life?  Write all this information down.
  3. What are the good and bad things about this person? What does this person represent as a symbol?  Did you learn or grow in anyway while this person was in your life?  What lessons did you learn from this person?

Symbols represent emotions linked to whatever that thing, person or place is in reality.   Because you mentioned in your letter that you were deeply connected with this person, I would take that as this person is symbolic for that kind of connection and the way it made you feel.  You dream of this person to connect with that emotion- that feeling.

So, yes – embrace it, learn from it, and understand yourself better through it!  If you resonate with the idea that you are missing this connection, then you can being working on creating that connection in your waking life.

I hope that helped a little!

♥ Genie

If you are interested in diving a little deeper in to this subject, I have a mini-course you can sign up for on my academy.  This is a free course and you just need to sign up on to enroll.  You can check out the course information on the Genie’s Academy tab or click the image below to go to the course site.

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Oil Life writes:

Dear Genie,

I have bought essential oils from Walmart. Are they just as effective as say the doterra oils? I really enjoy the tea tree, lemon, and mandarin. What are some other oils that are uplifting or help with having some positive energy?

Dear Oil Life,

I’m really glad to hear you are delving in to the realm of essential oils!  They can be a beautiful way to enhance your life -physically, mentally and emotionally.

To answer your question, the truth is that some oils are better than others. Some are certainly more pure and better sourced.  There are some oils being sold that are little better than synthetic fragrance. I cannot speak to Walmart products specifically because I’ve not used them, but I have purchased some from Amazon and I’ll let you know how they worked out below.

That being said, and in full disclosure, I am a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate and I cannot speak highly enough for the quality of their oils and the support available in using their product.

And, now I’m going to do something that as a representative for a company I should not – I’m going to fully admit that DoTERRA can be expensive and that you can find really good product other places.  But, first, let me tell you why DoTERRA costs what it does and why it can be a really good option for purchasing your oils in comparison to what you may come across at retail stores.

DoTERRA is absolutely trustworthy in their sourcing.  They provide all the information you could want on where their product is grown, how it is extracted and if there are other oils  (like fractionated coconut oil, for example) in the end product, if any.   Their product is therapeutic grade and pure.


This kind of information is not always available when you purchase oils from retail stores and unfortunately sometimes the quality you are getting is very diluted and not pure essence.  Sometimes it is little better than fake fragrance and there is no FDA oversight of truth in labeling.  You may see 100% pure listed on a product that actually means the one or two drops of oil in the bottle are pure – but the rest is filler (other carrier oil or even alcohol, witch hazel, water, etc..) You’ve got to do your homework when purchasing oils from a retail store.

DoTERRA’s website is full of information on ways to use oils safely, ideas for how you can make your own products using oils, recipes, emotional benefits, and physical benefits. This is a wealth of information you don’t easily find from purchasing off the shelf.

Because some retail store products are not the same quality, the recipes and uses you see on the internet are going to be less effective than a pure product.  I purchased some from Amazon a few years ago to make soaps and bath bombs as gifts and the aroma was disappointing in the final product – the aromatherapy I was looking for was not successful.   (Lesson learned, a cheaper brand means you use more of the product.  A high quality brand means you use less.)

Also, if something like alcohol is added to a cheaper brand, it could end up toxic in some of the uses.  You wouldn’t want to add lemon oil to your water or food recipe if it is not a pure product.  Likewise, if you are using a diluted Tea Tree Oil for a skin blemish or other healing use, it will not work as effectively as a pure Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca).  ***Tea Tree Oil is a common healing product and a good quality product can be found in the vitamin section at Walmart.***

And, my final point in favor of DoTERRA is that each customer has a multi-level customer service and access to education when purchasing and using the product.  You have a personal advocate and their upline and the website as support for each and every purchase you make.  That gives you an amazing and broad range wisdom to tap in to when choosing oils.  If your personal Wellness Advocate can’t tell you about an oil you want to use from first hand experience, one of her team members can.

This kind of customer service and assistance is not found through a retail store and is one reason for a cheaper cost in the stores (along with a diluted product). Advice on safety and cautions alone are really important when purchasing oils, but the experience of MLM representatives is invaluable first hand wisdom to help you make the best choices in spending your hard earned dollars.

*One way to lower the cost with a company like DoTERRA is to become a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate.  This lowers the price to a wholesale price and gives you a way to earn points that allows you to buy oils for free with the points.*

That all being said, you can find ways to purchase really good oils that don’t have the MLM sales tag (though they will still be more expensive than less pure products).  You can check out health fairs, natural shops, your local hippy stores, and places where you find alternative healing.  These places will also provide at least some level of assistance in helping you choose an oil and how to use it.  If you are lucky enough to have one of these places nearby, they are certainly a great alternative to purchasing through a big box retail store.

Again, I can’t tell you the quality of the Walmart products – but definitely do your research before buying.

Cheaper and diluted oils can absolutely be great if you want to freshen the house – much like the melting wax cubes or aerosol sprays.  When the house smells good, you feel good.  And in that way it is all great.  But, if you are wanting something that goes a little deeper in to natural health, supporting your emotions, physical healing, and you want to know how to use them properly and safely – you definitely want to make sure you are buying a pure, therapeutic grade oil plus gaining access to tips and safe use information you can trust.   That is going to cost a little more no matter where you purchase them.

With essential oils, you absolutely do get what you pay for.

Ideas for uplifting oils:  Anything citrus, I especially love grapefruit.  Also, peppermint – and you can mix peppermint and orange for an awesome pick me up!

Hope that helps!

♥ Genie

If you would like more information on becoming a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer, please feel free to reach out to me at or message me through the contact page and leave an email address so I can get back to you.  The Become a Blossom tab above also has some great information on courses that my upline offers to people who join with us too, if that is of interest to you.



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