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Dear Genie #8

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Today’s Letter


Seeking Acceptance writes:

Dear Genie,

I’m not a religious person like my family. I also work with divination tools like the Tarot and seek advice from psychics and readers. My family have warned me that I could open portals to hell and other nonsense that goes beyond not accepting my life views. They are hurtful and mean about pushing their ideology on to me. How can I gain their acceptance and still be true to my spirit?


Dear Seeking Acceptance,

Aren’t we all in search of this from those we love?  No matter how many times we read self-help books that tell us that self-acceptance is all we need, we still long for unconditional love and support from our family.  And so rarely is that given.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a magical solution to this problem.  It’s one I face myself.  Anyone who chooses a path that is different from their family faces this reality.  Why?  I would say the biggest reason is that when you choose to be drastically different from your family they see it as a judgement against their way of life.  Of course, it isn’t.  You are just trying to live your truth; one that informs them of the limitations of their own beliefs. It makes them question themselves and that makes them afraid.

Fear is a powerful force that drives beliefs, emotions and behaviors.  Fighting fear with fear (lack of acceptance in this case) only creates more of it – like cutting the head off of a Hydra.  The only thing you can do is live your truth.  Live your passion.  Live your life with joy and happiness and success. Live from Love.   It is only in your example of living your life from love that fear can be calmed.

And, by the way, living from love also means that you treat yourself with love and compassion and understanding.  The mean and derogatory behavior by others towards you is not okay.  Set boundaries.  Let them know that this is how you live and that they don’t have to agree with you but the hurtful comments must stop. We are free to believe as we want – all of us.  We are not free to force others to submit to our beliefs.  If they persist- you’ve got to make a choice to do what is best for your heart, mind, and soul and that may mean not being around hurtful people.

I hope this helps.  I feel for you so much, but I know you can prevail and live your best life!

Light and Love,


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