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Today’s Dear Genie™ features two letters.  The first is a belated Mother’s Day special for a mom who is wondering if she should become a mom again. The second letter deals with a mysterious house haunting.

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Letter #1

Olivia writes:

Dear Genie,

My husband has always wanted more children. While my pregnancy was great, the epidural process was traumatic – and the first few months of motherhood were not what I had expected. For some reason people make it seem as though motherhood is magical and that you just immediately know what to do. I did not, and it was very exhausting and even lonely at times. I am also hesitant because we are older than we were when we had our child, and I don’t believe that I could physically handle pregnancy as well as before. My “solution” is adoption. I believe that adopting a toddler would be an amazing experience and give him the child that he wants. Unfortunately adoption is expensive and a long process. I had thought about posting ads directed towards younger pregnant women who are contemplating abortion or adoption, and attempt to have a personal adoption. What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s too risky? Or does it sound reckless?


Dear Olivia,

First, I want to say congratulations on becoming a mom!!  And, I also want to let you know that what you experienced in the process is something tons of women go through.  Giving birth is freaking tough!  We don’t just get over the experience.  Add that on top of sleeplessness, feeling yucky about our bodies and the myriad of hormonal crap, never having a moment to feel normal again – and then the isolation that follows…all the things no one tells you about and even if they did you couldn’t understand it until you went through it yourself.  It’s not magical at all.  It’s hard.  It’s even traumatic.  And when you are a bit older, it is harder to “bounce back” – especially physically.

No one knows your body and your experience better than you.  You have to make the decision whether or not to put your body through pregnancy and childbirth – no one else can do that for you.  Two things you can do to help you decide this are:

1) Get a physical and have a conversation with your ob/gyn about your physical health and potential problems with a pregnancy and delivery at your age.

2) Make sure you aren’t making a decision from fear and anxiety from the traumatic experience the first time around.

A decision from fear leads to regret – and you don’t want that down the road.  Make sure your husband is aware of any fear you have and is included in the discussion about your physical health.

Adoption is an amazing option if you choose not to give birth again.  It’s a gift of love to offer your home and heart to a child.  I can’t advise you on the legalities of seeking private vs agency adoption, but I can caution that private adoptions sometimes don’t have the screening and protections offered from an agency.  Definitely get legal advice and protect yourself.

I wish you all the best in this decision.  I know it isn’t an easy one.  Listen to your intuition, meditate, and connect with your soul to find out what you truly desire.

Light & Love,



Letter #2

Anonymous writes:

Dear Genie,

There isn’t a way to say this without sounding crazy, I believe that my house is haunted. My roommate agrees. We have had multiple things move (on their own, that shouldn’t). We’ve had cabinet doors open, faucets turn on, and other things. We’ve had an item fly off of the wall and go across the hall. There are sounds that can’t be explained. Our very large dog has cornered “it” and literally tried to attack it. He will growl and bark at it, now – it’s as though after the attack, it stays out of his reach. We’ve used holy water and sage. Any suggestions?


Dear Anonymous,

So interesting!  I’m not much of a paranormal expert, but I do know one thing – energy is all around us that we can’t see and that we don’t understand.  This phenomena has been reported over and over and yet we still have no real answer to what it is or how to best deal with it.

Is it the energetic soul of someone stuck on the earthly plane?  Possibly.

Are you experiencing the crisscrossing of another dimension with your own and energetically the two dimensions are getting in the way of each other?  Maybe.

Could the energy of a loved one being reaching out to you from the spiritual plane to say hello and get you to take notice of something?  Perhaps.  

I just don’t know what is causing the disturbance at your house, except that it is energy.  Try to change your perspective on what you are experiencing from “haunted” to “energetic anomaly”.   It’s a less scary way to view what is going on – so you can breathe easier and put your fear aside.  It’s also a more helpful way to deal with the situation.  Energy is science, right?  So then we can scientifically deal with this kind of event.

Sometimes sage, salt, holy water, etc… work on these anomalies.  Salt, holy water, sage, crystals, drumming – they all vibrate a unique energy signature. These energy vibrations can attract and repel other energy.   You may want to keep trying some of these ancient tools and see if one works: Crystals; Palo Santo; drumming; bells; salt; essential oils.  You can also create a ceremony incorporating several of these tools.  You’ll want to come up with some words to speak to the energetic anomaly.  Use the same energy in your voice, body language, and words that you want the anomaly to greet you with.  Ask it to be respectful and not create the disturbance in your home any longer.  Say it with love and kindness and compassion – just as you wish for the it to return that kindness to you.

Using crystals would be my suggested action.  Black minerals and crystals are the best for clearing energy – Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Obsidian are great options.  You might want to add a heart stone too – Rose Quartz, for example.  Just place these stones in the areas of the anomaly.

Also, keep a journal of the events and what tools you are using to treat the situation.  Keep trying things – and do so out of love, not fear.  Also note what energies you have placed in the area where these incidents occur.  Is there a radio or TV?  Perhaps an image or decor that has a lot of energy?  Just keep note of the situation and see if a pattern forms. Move decor around and see what happens.

If this is an anomaly not healed with any of the sacred tools, the chances are the energy will move on by itself it time.  If this is being caused by crisscrossing dimensions, for example, this is a short-term event as the two will eventually move away from each other.  However, if your house is in a location prone to these inter-dimensional loop intersections, you could see these events happen again after a time of not having them.

The take-away for you is to not fear.  This is just energy.  It’s not evil.  It’s not from hell.  It’s not a haunting. It’s just energy.

Hope that helps!

Light & Love,


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