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Today’s letter is from someone feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  I added a card drawing to this response. ✨


So Much to Do I Don’t Know Where to Begin, writes: 

Dear Genie,
I’ve got a to do list with a million things and my mind is going a in a bazillion directions and I just do not know where to start. I’m stuck. I’m frozen in place. It’s like I can’t move because my brain is all over the place. My friends tell me this is anxiety but I’m not sure. Am I adhd? I’m overwhelmed and don’t know how to fix it. What do you think?

Dear So Much to Do,

Oh, how I can truly relate to that feeling of stress and overwhelm!  This is why so many people find ways to tune out of life – tv, phones, alcohol, drugs.  Dealing with this chaotic feeling is hard and sometimes really takes medical attention or psychotherapy to handle.

Unfortunately, I’m not that kind of doctor and I can’t diagnose you or even suggest you might suffer anxiety or ADHD or any other medical condition.   I can tell you that it is worth discussing with your primary care physician so you can be sure.

Medical advice aside, I can offer some tools to help with stress and overwhelm so you don’t resort to tuning out and ignoring all those tasks you have to get done.

1.  Getting grounded is vital in helping you get out of your head (which is talking to you a mile a minute.) Try meditating, taking a walk, going for a swim, or find a nice quiet spot to listen to birds and watch wildlife. ☀🌳🐞🐝🐛🐢🐿

2. Take your list one thing at a time.  Multitasking can make the overwhelm feeling worse.  Do one thing then move to the next.

3.  Take a break between chores to get grounded again.  Quick grounding tips include drinking a cold beverage, having a shower, or a ten minute workout. 💪

4.  Celebrate completing things. ✨⭐🎈🎉🎊 . Enjoy a treat.  Pat yourself on the back.  Post a social media pic or comment.

I drew a few cards for you.  This is a three-card Body-Mind-Soul reading.  It’s a great spread to check in with your holistic wellness.

Card One:


Acceptance.  This is a great card for the Body card.  Self-acceptance is the number one emotional block with people I work with.  Be aware of your physical limitations.  Know when you are starting to feel stress so you can do some self-care.  Accept these limitations as who you are so you don’t try to ignore them.

Card Two:


The Ocean.  This is your Mind and mental wellness card.  It’s about self-care, relaxing, de-stressing, and giving yourself time to unwind.  Perfect card for you that backs up my advice above! 😊


Card Three:


Release and Surrender.  This card is about your soul and your connection to your intuition and higher realms.  Worry and stress make it hard to receive messages from our soul…those gut instinct and inner voice messages that guide us.  This card says, “Don’t worry- we’ve got your back.”  Trust that the universe, angels, God, Divine Creator, or whatever you call that energy that gave you life, has your back.  Give your worry to the higher realm. 🙏

Really hope this helps.  Make sure to let your doctor know about how you feel.


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