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Great news for my friends in North Central West Virginia!  ✨✨. I’m opening a new office for my spiritual counseling and coaching practice!  🙏🎉

This will allow me to expand my in-person sessions which were limited in the past because my office was in my home.  I’m currently offering free consultations to potential new clients now that my in-person sessions are available full time!  😄

Some of the things you might want to meet with me to address:

Feeling Stuck in Life

Feeling Unfulfilled

Feeling Unhappy in Some Areas of Your Life

Having a Difficult Time Decision Making

Longing to Change Careers or Go Back to School

Needing Support During a Major Life Change, Event, or Situation

Don’t Know What to do with Your Life

Marriage Counseling

Wedding Officient

Relationship Counseling

Wanting to Connect to a Higher Power

Need a Self-Care Chakra Treatment


Spiritual Workshops too!

…And lots over other reasons that support Holistic Healing, Self-Care, and Soul Connection.

I would love to sit and talk with you about your dreams, passions, disappointments, regrets, stresses, or hopes for the future.

Make an appointment to chat with me ✌💜


103 West Main Street, Bridgeport


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