The Facebook Paradox

On our LIVE-CAST last night on Mixlr and Facebook, I mentioned getting off Facebook as a way to live higher vibes and take the higher road.

It’s just not practical to completely leave, is it? We have long distance friends and family, we run businesses, we shop, we even find inspiration and new friends.

But, man, it’s also such a low vibe, soul sucking, hate infested 💩 hole sometimes…. A lot of times.

Even if we block the news and unfollow friends who share politics or personal drama all day long, the 💩 still finds it’s way in to our news feed.

And then there are the trolls.  The people who argue with your point of view no matter what it is – and they don’t just state their opinion. No! They let you know how stupid they think you are and throw you the latest fad insult.

Is this daily barrage of 💩 really worth it?

How many people do you think come away from a Facebook browsing session feeling better, happier, more joyful than before they logged on?

I’m thinking few.

Why. Do. We. Stay.

Why do we stay in any bad relationship?

No where else to go.

The kids.

It’s got great potential.

If it just gets help to change.

No where else would want me.

The drama serves an emotional need.



If we leave Facebook we lose the kids – the connection to friends and family.  We think no one else will ” like” us.  There is no place like Facebook – it’s familiar, it’s what we know.  We’d have to start over somewhere else.  We need to keep up-to-date on “news and truth.”

It’s an addiction.  We can’t leave it. It’s too important to give up even if we come away from browsing feeling like 💩😟😭😡.

I get it and I’m right there with you.  We need Facebook and other social media like we need a phone or a car.

So, how can we stop the way our experience on the site leaves us drained, angry, low vibe, fearful, stressed, overwhelmed, and 💩💩💩?


We have to protect ourselves.

Before you hit the icon on your phone, stop and send love and light ahead.  This takes your vibes up higher to start.

Be mindful of your feelings as you browse.  Are you having negative thoughts?  Why?  Why are you judging someone else’s post?  Why did that meme make you angry?  Why does it bother you if a certain friend didn’t “like” your post?  Are these feelings logical or are they from low self-esteem and self-doubt?

Being mindful is just taking a moment to think before you react.  It allows you to be responsive and keeps you aligned with your values and integrity.

Stop. Breathe. Think.

This simple tool should help keep your vibes higher during your time browsing.

Aftercare is also vital.  Ground yourself with a cold beverage, a shower, some time outside, playing with a pet or your child.  Clear your chakras, inhale some essentail oil, or hold your favorite high vibe crystal.

Reorient your consciousness to the real world to get the lingering energy from time on social media off your mind.

If we are going to stay, we need to start protecting our energetic, emotional, and mental health.


  • Catch the replay from this week’s LIVE Simulcast on Facebook and Mixlr.





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