Dear Genie #11

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This week’s Dear Genie is from someone upset with me.  Hopefully, this response helps clear up a misunderstanding.

Disclosure: This week’s letter was not  sent to Dear Genie but to my Facebook messenger.  I edited slightly for language and deleted a personal attack portion.  Used with permission from sender. 

Messenger wrote:

I listened to your show this week but I couldn’t disagree more.  I’m pissed. I hate this f**king president and what he is doing to my country.  Taking the high road got us in to this mess and now he’s getting another scotus because of obamas high road!  It’s time to fight with all we have.  How dare they call for me to be civil!  F**k them! What is wrong with you that you would fall in line with that!😟

Dear Messenger,


First, I’m sorry we gave the message in the broadcast that you need to be civil or the way “they” are demanding. We were trying to explain that being spiritual and taking the high road doesn’t mean you can’t fight for your beliefs. 

The bigger message was a week long message on my social media, and that is to respond to life instead of reacting.  When you react, you are behaving the way external forces want you to behave so they can use your behavior against you. Responding causes you to think about your own values and truths before taking action.  This allows you to keep inline with your own integrity and keeps you from regretting your behavior. 

Second, anger can be a useful emotion.  It’s 150 on the Emotional Vibration Scale.  (See image below) It is higher than guilt or shame or fear because anger will at least lead to forward movement.  The problem comes when this movement /action is something that later causes you embarrassment or gets you in to legal trouble. 

Anger can be used in a good way…but it’s got to be done on the high road and through thinking first, then responding.  When anger causes us to react without thinking it generally does not end well and we don’t get the results we desire.

Third, don’t just be pissed.  Know what you want.  You know what you don’t want – that’s why you are angry.  Do you know what you want instead? 

Focus on that.  

Nothing will change by obsessing over what is wrong.  It’s a waste of time.  It serves no purpose other than repeatedly highlighting your unhappiness with the situation.

And, if you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you know you attract what you give energy to.  Focusing on them only gets you more of what they are serving.  

If you want change, you’ve got to fight for what you want, rather than posting, arguing, and spending time behaving the way “they” want you to behave – focused on them instead of your needs. 

I hope this clears that up for you.  I didn’t join the other side. I just decided to fight my way instead of theirs.

✌💜 Genie. 

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