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The world needs more lightworkers, light bringers, love messengers and soul coaches!


I often write and post about this overwhelming energy of fear and anger and hate that seems so pervasive in our world today.  Would you believe me if I told you that this dark energy is an indication that change is coming?

Spirituality is on the rise.  We are beginning to understand that we have been misled by Ego in to believing that we live a dual existence – a body with a soul (which is separate from us.)  The Ego tells us that our body is our true self and that we are separate from all other life and that our priority is self-protection from this other life.

In truth, we are spirit.  We are soul consciousness creating a physical existence to experience.  And, we are one with all other life.

This concept has been taught through the ages in Buddhism, with the great Greek philosophers, and in the shaman practices across the globe.  It’s not new, and it’s not new-age.  It’s ancient wisdom that we have been trying to decipher and understand for thousands and thousands of years.   And we are finally getting it!  We are finally able to understand and teach others the truth of our existence!  That truth is that we are equipped with the tools for healing, that we are born with the consciousness of Love, and that we can choose to reject living from a place of fear, self-doubt, overwhelm and Ego dominance.   We can overcome the dark energy and live lives that are full and happy and joyful!  If we can learn how…

Coaching has been around a long time.  Whether coaching sports or health or business, the coaching industry is huge.  Life Coaching has grown to be a significant niche in the coaching profession and is a perfect system to reach others with a spiritual and metaphysical message of holistic wellness – mind, body, and soul.

I spent a decade working on my own wellness transformation.  I took thousands of dollars worth of courses and training and buying self-help books.  I would always feel awakened and ready for change after learning new knowledge, but would soon waver in using my skills in real life situations.  I needed continued support.  I needed guidance.  I needed mentoring.

And then two things happened.  I began my formal education in Metaphysics and I joined up with a business and spiritual mentor.  This is when everything began to “click” for me.  This is when I began to really understand how to use my knowledge in real life living.  This is when my education and life experience synergized in to real wisdom.

I created this apprenticeship program to offer you the same mentoring and opportunity that I’ve had over the last few years.  I want to walk side-by-side with you as you study my courses and learn to use them in real life living.

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If you are currently trying to establish a life coaching business or are interested in building a holistic life coaching practice, I invite you to check out this program.  I created it to be gentle, affordable and to flow so that you have lots of time to learn, practice and hone every skill before moving on to the next.  And by the end, you will have earned a Certification in Holistic Life Coaching and the confidence and competence to offer life coaching to those who seek it.

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Your skills and abilities are needed now more than ever!  If you feel called to help others, then look in to this program.  I would be so happy to walk beside you on your journey!  Click below for more info. 


Join me!

♥ Genie

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