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Action vs Distraction

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In 2018 it was my mission to bring back LOVE.  Not romantic love, but love from our soul.  I focused on self-love, making decisions from a place of love, and most of all, choosing love over fear.

We have a long way to go as a species to get back to our original state of soul consciousness and conquer the strangle hold that EGO has on us using fear.  And I am going to go on teaching and practicing on connecting to soul consciousness in the new year.  We still have work to do on this!

But, it’s also time to stop talking and start doing.  It’s time to put away the dis-traction and move forward.  No more excuses.  No more playing the victim.  No more allowing others to make our decisions.  No more waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect bank account, or the perfect job.

This year we are going to start living happy and fulfilled lives of joy!  This year we are going to live our dreams!  This year is the year that Action Conquers Distraction.  


Some people say there will never be the right time or right circumstances, so that is why you should go for your dreams now.  I don’t see it exactly in that way.  I think NOW is ALWAYS the right time and the right circumstances – no matter what those circumstances are.

Would you believe me if I told you that you can be living your dreams right this moment?

It’s true.

It’s true because it’s all about what consciousness we are accessing to choose whether or not we are happy, joyous, and living the life we dream of.   Is your perspective coming from a place of love, or from a place of fear?

This year I am going to be putting a ton of content out for you to help you get moving and living your dreams.  I am literally getting off my bum and taking action to be consistent and present for you – and in doing so I will be continuing to live my dream!

Here is a look at weekly opportunities for you to learn and grow:

  • Sunday Evening Oracle Card Weekly Forecast on YouTube
  • Monday Dear Genie Blog
  • Tuesday #ChooseLove Broadcast with Genie & Jay
  • Wednesday Wisdom Blog
  • Thursday Classes at the Sanctuary
  • Friday Facebook Live

Coming up on January 10th is the rescheduled December class, LIFE BY DESIGN.  This course is all about taking action to live your dreams!  Enroll here:

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Taking this course is a great way to set the steps you need to get moving and to visualize living your dreams.

Some other ACTION you can take today to live a happier life, connected to your soul consciousness and headed towards your dreams are:

  1. Make your own choices.  Very few people are really victims in life, but so many of us feel victims when others control us, decide for us, and leave us waiting.  Take ACTION – take your life back!  When you decide, you have the power.
  2. Get off the Facebook!  Set a limit for how much time to give social media and stick to it!
  3. Get a paper organizer/calendar.  Something you can see, smell and touch.  When you write something down you tend to remember it better than saving to your online scheduler.
  4. Spend a few minutes each morning make a daily goals list.
  5. Find someone who will keep you honest about your goals – accountability is important!
  6. Having a day where you just can’t keep to your plan?  It’s okay.  Forgive yourself right then and there.  Take a mulligan.  Remove all guilt from your mind.  Love yourself.
  7. Small steps are steps!  It doesn’t matter the speed – it matters that you are moving forward.  Take a small step each day.
  8. Keep educating yourself and growing.  Read blogs, books, and articles about your passion!  There is no shame is getting ideas from other sources.
  9. Practice gratitude.  Love the life you have now – You are alive!  You have choice!  You have the chance to dream!
  10. Choose Love, always.  Make choices from love instead of from fear.  Check your thoughts and reactions – are they from fear?  If they are, rethink them.

If you have a hard time with these, I’m going to be helping to get you started this year.  If you need a little extra support, I’ve got appointments available for Transpersonal Counseling Sessions,  Synergy Life Coaching, Reiki, and Oracle Card Sessions.  Book an appointment with me to help you choose where you can take ACTION in your life.  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

This is going to be the year where we take our power back!  Action will conquer Distraction!

Who’s with me this year?


♥ Genie