Dear Genie #18

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This week’s Dear Genie Letter came to me from someone on social media.  I answered them directly, but thought their issue would be a good life lesson others can take from.  My response here is a much expanded and more broad response for anyone feeling life is dealing them a string of negativity.  


Bad Luck writes:

(this letter is paraphrased from our social media DM conversation)

Dear Genie, 

I’ve had a string of bad luck in the last couple years.  My life has been hell.  I think someone may have put a spell on me.  I was wondering what you think?


Dear Bad Luck,

Would you believe me if I told you that things like “bad luck”, “curses”, “living in hell”, or “spells placed on me”, are all things we do to ourselves because we believe someone else or something else can give us this bad energy.  We believe it can happen – it happens.  Voila!  Law of Attraction 101.

We create our reality.

I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

But what about victims who go through traumatic experience?  Are you saying it’s their fault?

No. Not at all.  There are exceptions to every rule.  And those who have terrible things happen to them in which they had no choice, no power, no control – they did not create that experience.  The perpetrator created it.  Accidents happen.  Disease occurs in this toxic world.

There are things beyond our control.  Good things and bad.  I’m not talking about those things in this response.  I’m talking about things you do have control over and situations in which you do have a choice.   These are 99.9% of the situations in  your life.  So let’s just deal with them.

How we deal with them is to rewrite limiting beliefs we have in our minds about luck and chance and karma and other people having any control over our energy.   Here are some affirmations that will get that started:

No one controls my thoughts but me. 

No one can place a spell on me without my permission. 

My energy is safe from unwanted intrusion. 

I am safe from other people’s intentions. 

I am in control of my life.

My life is a beautiful creation. 

I live with intention. 

My life is defined by me. 

Hell is a creation of my mind.

How I respond to life creates my energy.  

I choose my energy by choosing my thoughts.   

I choose to respond to life in a positive way. 

I choose to take action to create my own luck. 


You don’t need to believe these affirmations are true.  Just begin saying them daily.  Change begins with a thought.  These daily thoughts will become habits.  Eventually, they will become your response to life situations.  You’ll begin to tell life that you are in control, instead of seeing life as events that just happen to you.  You will begin to notice a lot more positive happening in your life as your thoughts about your own personal power over your life grows.


Transform your thoughts and you transform your life. 


Transformation takes time and this is just a first step.  But always know that the  power is within you.

You can do this!


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