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My father passed away a week ago today.  I was estranged from him most of my adult life, but that didn’t seem to make his passing easier.  Feelings of guilt over not seeing him, plus the anger and resentment that kept me away from him really had me struggling this past week.  I was very blessed to have support from some very dear family members – my siblings and my cousins.

I’ve got lots of family, but this particular group of family are the “my generation” family.  We grew up in the same era with the same hair and the same clothes and seeing the same world events unfold.  Generation X.  The children of Boomers.  The victims of 80s hair bands.

My siblings and I didn’t live near our cousins growing up.  Our parents were siblings, but they weren’t very close.  As children, we weren’t close either.  One cousin we saw a couple times a year, while others we saw a couple times a decade.   And yet, our lives were more similar and heartbreaking than can be imagined.

All of us have tales of estrangement from a parent, of living with a parent with chronic illness and disability, of parents divorce, and of living at a distance from family, either physically or emotionally.

I can’t speak for them, but for me it seems that we all have a common thread of pain.  At one time or another we had to live with the loss of a parent’s love – whether by choice or by circumstance.  For me, this loss has been a force in my life that kept me unwell for many years, but which also created the awakening that put me on this path as a healer.

For all the frustration and annoyance of social media, it is that medium that has allowed me to reconnect and stay connected with my brothers, sisters, and cousins in a way that would never have happened otherwise.  Having them in my life has been very healing because they, more than anyone, really get it.  They know my pain.  They know our family.  They have walked in my shoes.   When I’ve struggled to get others to understand, these are the the people that give me peace of mind – validation – compassion – understanding.

As we gathered at my father’s funeral over the weekend, I wanted to offer them each something to symbolize our bond as family and as people who have walked with similar struggles.  I wanted to give them something that would offer some comfort in the future.  When we went out to dinner after the service, I gave them each one of these…




Everyone got a “Love Stone’.  But, it was so chaotic I didn’t get to explain just how special these stones are between all of us.   So, this blog is really for them – to explain the purpose of the love stones.


These are not just rocks with the word “love” you guys.  There is a bond between all of them.  While they were nestled in the muslin bag I carried them in, I gave them Reiki and infused them with lots of love energy.  They are forever linked together through this energy – sort of like a metaphysical quantum entanglement.

When two particles are under the influence of quantum entanglement,  it means that whatever you do to one particle the same happens instantaneously with the other particle no matter how far apart they might be.  With our love stones, when you want to send some love long distance, you can place that energy in to your stone and ALL of the other stones will be filled with love.  And when you need a bit of love to get you through, you only need to hold your stone to your heart and ALL of the other stones will send love to you.  

We lost an uncle and a father and the hope of love when my dad passed.   We can’t get time back.  We can’t get back the love we never got.  We can’t replace the love we lost.  But, we can make sure that each of us never feels unloved or lacking in love in the future.  We are family.  Never forget we have each other.


These kinds of stones are easy to find in gift shops and metaphysical shops.  When you get one to give as a gift, infuse it with the energy of the intention, or word, on the stone.  It really will give it a powerful vibe lift.

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