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Today’s letter is from someone with a general question on spirituality and not so much a personal problem.  I’m happy to answer any questions like this that you have as long as I feel I can answer it justly and within my professional parameters!  Just message me at the contact tab above.


Soul Question writes:


Dear Genie,

I saw a post the other day about things you can do that will be soul killers.  Can you kill your soul?  Can you be soulless?


Dear Soul Question,


No, you absolutely cannot kill your soul.

Your soul is the everlasting part of you.  It remains once your physical body has gone.  It is your true self.

You can, however, disconnect from your soul in such a way that it seems you have lost, or killed, this part of you.  There are people who even seem to have no soul and we call them soulless.  These people are disconnected from their soul consciousness and from love.

This is a really great question, though, because it feels like hate and ego control the whole world right now.  I have to say that it’s quite scary watching the news – crazy weather and crazier politics!

It feels like the world is without a soul when we can lock babies in prison, bomb hospitals, set rapists free with no jail time,  befriend murdering dictators, slaughter people in the name of religion, and not hold the police accountable for executing unarmed civilians.  It should be common sense that these things are EVIL and yet we have a lot of people who disagree.   Where has compassion gone?  Where is temperance?  Where is love?  Where is soul?

It’s there – buried deep underneath limiting beliefs and paralyzing fear.

I could write all day about what causes limiting beliefs and why the Ego keeps us in survival mode level fear – but that isn’t going to help anyone reconnect with their soul.

What I can do is give a few things you can do if you desire a deeper connection with your own soul.  The more of us who create this deeper connection, the more we can model soulful behavior and lift the vibes of those around us to be better connected as well.

♥ Know who you are.  

One way to conquer fear is to know who you are and where you are heading.  This makes decision making easier, helps you clear toxic energy that gets you off your path, and really gives you confidence in living your life.  Knowing yourself is connecting to your true self – your soul.

♥ Self-Care is not Selfish!

When you take care of your holistic needs, you raise your vibe and your connection to your soul.   Your physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health are all equally important.  (Mental and emotional are often in the same category, but I like to set them apart.  Mental is about your thoughts and beliefs.  Emotional is about your feelings – which sometimes come from your thoughts, but also come from your environment and from physical issues in the brain.)

When you care for yourself, you lose some of the fear of not being cared for by others.  You become self-responsible and that is hugely empowering.

♥ Live in Gratitude

Be grateful.  It’s the most amazing, yet simple, way to raise your vibes and connect to your true self.  Gratitude is the portal to the soul – it really is.  Appreciate the people in your life.  Admire nature.  Do no harm.  All of these are ways to express gratitude for the life you have and allow you to feel your soul connection.  This allows you to pay attention to your own life and not focus on what others have and what others are doing.  You begin to live in a way that makes you happy, and allow others the freedom to do the same.


Keep these in mind as you consider your question further and when you come across people who appear to have no soul.  Raise your vibes and allow yourself to affect the soul connection that others feel, too.   No one is lost.  No one’s soul is dead.   This is quite comforting to know.

Thank you for your question – it’s something we’ve all been wondering.

Love & Light,


soul disconnect


I’ll be co-hosting a summer broadcast series about choosing love over fear on our Choose Love Ministry Facebook Page and on Mixlr.  Check the broadcast tap for replays!

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