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genie mathewsI’m Dr. Genie and I am “officially” a Metaphysician and Transpersonal Counselor.  I realize that those labels mean absolutely nothing to most people, so allow me to explain…





Metaphysics is the study of that which is beyond the physical.   It’s the study of the ethereal world where matter does not exist, there are no atoms or particles, no laws of physics, and no physical tools to measure its existence.  This is the world of thoughts, beliefs, dreams, emotions, and memories – the world of Human Consciousness.  

Metaphysicians study Human Consciousness.

Transpersonal Counseling, a.k.a Spiritual Counseling,  is an area of psychology and philosophy that works with consciousness beyond one’s personal/physical identity (a.k.a. EGO.)

This area of counseling is not psychotherapy.  It’s a holistic practice which synergizes the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of health and wellness in order to connect with the consciousness beyond EGO, what I call SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS.  This soul connection helps you heal self-esteem, make better decisions, be more creative, live your passion and dreams, and come from a place of love instead of fear.

I work with your consciousness, your awareness – your perspective – to help you connect with your soul. 

We rarely judge things as they really are in life.  Instead, we filter our experience through our individual lens of personal perspective.

This lens is made up of layers of memories, past experience, past emotions, future expectations, and the unconscious belief system that was INSTALLED in us before we were 8 years old.  We were given the beliefs of our parents, grandparents, teachers, older siblings, and even TV shows before we were old enough to form our own.  When we grow up we don’t even realize we have many of these beliefs until they become a problem.

All of these layers of perspective that are built in to our lens filter make it difficult, if not impossible, to view life events as they are in reality.  This lens is biased and will not show us the truth, instead giving us a version of the experience that aligns with our belief system and memories.

If you grew up with your parents calling each other names, you will most likely repeat that behavior because your unconscious mind created the belief that this is how adults deal with each other.  Even if you try to change this behavior by making a better choice, unless you “mind hack” the belief, this behavior will always reappear because your mind believes this is the way to behave.   You probably don’t even realize you have this belief, and that makes it impossible to heal.

The filter is there to protect us and uses fear, pain, and limiting beliefs to “keep us safe”. This system of filtering our experience has a name; EGO, or, Ego Consciousness.

What happens is that our perspective can keep us stuck in life.  It can keep us from making good decisions.  It can keep us from dealing with our own shizz – mistakes and flaws.  Perspective can keep us from getting close to other people and even keep them from getting close to us.  It also keeps us disconnected from our truth – our intuition – our inner voice – our soul.

And this is where I can help!

I can work with you to discover your layers of perspective that keep you from moving forward, from being successful, or from living a life of joy and happiness!

Using the Life Leadership Paragon™ and Holistic Synergy Coaching™ methods, we can work together to remove the lens of fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and unconscious biases to bring about a more clear and unfiltered perspective.

The results are that eventually you will be free from the filter of EGO altogether and it will be replaced by our natural state of awareness – Soul Consciousness.

What I do is help you move through areas of your life where you are struggling.  I support your transformation from experiencing life through fear to living a life from love.   That is really all there is to what I do and who I am as a person. ♥

If you are interested in a free consultation with me, in person or over the phone, please visit the APPOINTMENTS tab to contact me.

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