New Beginnings



When we were sitting in our group creating vision boards back in January, we could never have guessed the turn of events that have led us to this new reality.

Ouch.  Did you just cringe when you read that as bad as I did when I typed it?

New Reality.  That’s what we are calling this virus ridden, murder-wasp invading, online living, toilet paper disappearing, face mask wearing, social distancing, absolutely surreal existence we’ve got going on.

I’ve been locked down in my apartment with the hubby and the son.

Since March 8th.

In this small apartment.

The hubby has been working and making very loud phone calls.  The son has been on video games, screaming at the other players, and shouting “dude!” excessively.

It’s not been the ideal time for me to be online creating courses or videos or otherwise sharing content.  So I haven’t been.

I also noticed that my social media timelines were flooded with free classes, LIVES, self-improvement content, and so much stuff that it was suffocating.  The universe was telling me that I could use the downtime – so I rested, read, listened to podcasts and got my head together.

I had time to check in with my soul – see where I wanted my biz and ministry to go from here.  I talked with my board members and friends and bounced ideas off them.  I almost decided to pack it in at one point because I still needed to pay rent and bills on the studio even though we haven’t been operating.

Then, the most amazing thing happened.  The gals who have been coming to classes and talks and meditation, all pitched in for a fundraiser I put together to raise money to keep the studio current during the shutdown.  They also shared their support and their hopes that we would keep going and explaining how much they enjoyed the programs and what the studio has meant to them. I have been absolutely moved beyond words by thee gals.  It has meant the world to me to have a tribe of friends to have my back. I decided to come up with a biz idea that would give back to them and everyone who puts their trust and energy in to my programs.


Starting now you can apply for General Membership in to our organization.  It’s free! And, it comes with some benefits:

  • Group Meditation Sessions
  • Support Group Sessions
  • Exclusive Member Events
  • Discount (10%) on classes, soul doctor sessions, and purchases from the Metaphysical Nook
  • Voting rights at annual General Membership Board Meeting

Most of these benefits are for you if you live locally.  However, if you live further away, a membership is beneficial if you might consider attending our annual retreat or making Metaphysical Nook purchases from Facebook LIVE sales.

All of our programs are still open to anyone, without membership, for an entrance fee or suggested donation.

Additionally, there is an option of becoming a sponsor for programs.  There are four levels of sponsorship and loads of benefits.  You can check out the information video on our homepage.

One sponsor level is really cool for those who don’t live locally or those who don’t want free courses or sessions. This is Sponsor Level IV and is $10 a month dues.  Check out all the Sponsor Levels on the Membership page.

For $10 dues you get all the General Membership Benefits PLUS a private Facebook group exclusively for sponsors.  Each month I will host a LIVE energy clearing and a mini-course.  Also, I give a LIVE oracle card drawing each weekday with a weekend forecast drawing on Fridays.  This group will give lots of access to me so you can ask questions and grow in your spiritual quest.

Join and pay $10 sponsor dues today for the rest of May and June in the LIVE group.

May LIVE schedule

This new membership and sponsor plan is the best way I can give back with real  value.  It’s going to keep costs down for members while allowing my ministry to grow and continue to host really great programs.  It’s a win-win for everyone – and that’s what I am all about.

I’ve also had some time the past, what,  8, 9, 10…12 weeks, to think about the courses I want to offer online.  What is it that I really want to teach and share.  What is my real expertise – my real spot of genius?  How have I helped others the most?

It’s not easy pinpointing one single niche when you’ve kind of been a Jack of all trades.  But, I think I found it.  In the next few weeks my website is going to be down for a massive professional rework and when it goes live again my signature course will be up and ready right here on this site AND a I’ll have a book released on Amazon to accompany the course.

This has not been an easy few months, especially for those who haven’t been able to cocoon and rest.  Front line workers- nurses, doctors, paramedics, those in our food supply chain – you’ve really stepped in to the hero zone.  I hope we never forget how you all rose up and saved us.

And I hope those of you who did have the opportunity for introspection and growth were able to find your way to that space amidst the stress and fear and worry and search for toilet paper.

I did without even knowing it.  I learned some things about myself – that my impatience still needs work, and that my message is actually reaching people.   So, no matter what this new reality is for the world, my personal vision and passion are unchanged.  I want to continue to spread the hope of love becoming the NEW new reality one day.

In health & happiness,

Dr. G ♥

Online Membership Now Open

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