Dear Genie #26

This week’s letter is from a client who requested a card reading.  I thought the question she had was particularly relevant to many people and asked her permission to share. 

Decision Limbo writes:

Dear Genie,

I was going to start a business then covid happened and I put it off.  It’s now Christmas and I am missing out on the sales I could be making in the way of gift certificates which are a huge income in my field.  My biz is going to be a holistic wellness shop and spa with energy healing and massage.  Now the vaccine is almost ready and I am wondering should I try to rush and open before Christmas and try to make enough sales of gift certificates and advance bookings to get me through until I can see clients?  The energy I am feeling is telling me to go for it.  My brain is telling me it’s a huge risk and if I blow the opening I might not recover.  Which is the right choice?  I could use the sales money and having a list of clients to really get going once the vaccine is given out.  Do you have time to give me a card reading?

Dear Decision Limbo,

As a business owner myself, I definitely understand getting your opening right.   Should you do a soft opening now for holiday sales?  Let’s think on this first.

What are the logistics of opening?  Do you have a space ready?  Do you have your state licenses and certifications?  CAN you open quickly – like in the next week?   

Also, I assume you won’t be taking clients now, due to covid still being an issue – what kind of advance bookings can you reasonably expect for a new business with no current clientele? 

Your shop might do well for holiday gift giving – do you have resale stock on hand? 

Is there an option of having an online sale for any resale stock you have on hand? That might get you some income before the holidays and allow you to start growing a potential client base without promising services you can’t provide yet.

The feeling you are getting that tells you to “go for it” – is it your intuition speaking or fear energy that you are missing out?

These are tough questions you need to ask yourself.  You must be honest with your answers so you can make a good, sound decision. 

But, since you are having a hard time knowing what your intuition is telling you – I am happy to draw you a few cards…

Card 1.  Spiritual Strength

9 Spiritual Strenght. The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland.

This is the last card in the Spiritual Health Suit.  It is about achieving inner strength – discipline, patience, and persistence- in working to achieve your goals.  I love this card for your problem because it is saying, “You’ve done the work and you’ve been patient.  Turn to that inner strength once again to help you with this concern.  Don’t give up.  Don’t be reactive.  Don’t act from fear.”   Remember to be patience, disciplined, and persistent.

Card 2. Foundation & Achievements

4 Foundation & Achievements. The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland.

Another Spiritual Health Suit card.  This time is it asking you to look at the spiritual foundation you have built.  You’ve worked hard on your holistic tools and to gain confidence in your skills.  Trust yourself and your ability to make decisions.  Trust in the timing of launching your business.  A strong foundation takes time to build – a rushed foundation will crumble.  This card is telling you, “trust that when your foundation is strong, you will know it’s time to launch.”  Trust that you will know the answer when it is time. 

Card 3. Rejoice in Celebration

3 Rejoice in Celebration. The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland.

Your final card is from the Emotional Health Suit.  This card anticipates a time of celebration, success, birth, and victory.   It says to you, “when you follow your heart and intuition, there are no limits to what you can achieve.”  If you trust yourself and listen to your intuition (and not to fear), you will be successful – no matter if you begin your business now or in the new year. 


You made the right decision this year in delaying your business opening due to covid.  It took patience and discipline to make that choice – it took trust in the future.  Right now your faith in that decision is faltering because you fear you are missing a big opportunity to gain clients during this major season of shopping and gift giving.  Refocus on why you delayed opening.   Patience is key here to getting through this fear.

Once your fear is moved out of the way, your intuition will come through much clearer.  Trust that you will know your inner voice when you hear it.  Trust the message you receive.  Trust that when it is time for you to open, you won’t need to question whether it is right or wrong. 

If you connect with your true self – your soul self – through patience and trust, you will have success and an abundance of clients. Once you stop making decisions from fear, you make them from love.   Act from soul – from love – from your intuition, and you’ll live your dreams.

And so it is.

That was a great reading!  I think the cards spoke loud and clear!  Don’t make this decision from fear of missing out.

Try meditation to help reach your soul voice and make sure to spend some time visualizing exactly what you want your business to look like – your clientele, your shop and spa space, how do you feel, and how amazing is this business you’ve built? See it exactly as you want it to be.

Best wishes!  I’m looking forward to seeing you when the covid is controlled. 

Dr. Genie

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