Dear Genie #32

Life Advice from Spiritual Counselor, Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney

Today’s letter was sent to me by someone in my Safari Self-Awareness Challenge group. This person wants to remain anonymous and I respect that, but also want to answer her concerns to support her through this challenge – and possibly help others in the group feeling the same way.

Anxiety Discomfort writes;

Dear Genie,

I’m in the safari challenge class but too embarrassed to ask you this in the group. You challenged us to be okay with feeling uncomfortable, but that feeling is anxiety to me. I don’t think I can do this because of my anxiety acting up. Should I just quit?

Dear Anxiety Discomfort,

First, thank you for contacting me in a way that allowed you to feel safe. I’m so glad you reached out.

I’m so sorry that anxiety is something you have in your life. I am also someone with anxiety and I totally understand how the feeling of discomfort raises your anxiety level. I want you to make the decision about going forward with the challenge based on your own health and safety. That always comes first. Please don’t feel any regret if you stop participating – remember our first expedition guide told us no shame, no blame, no guilt for our emotions. You have access to the program for as long as I have the teachable school – so when you choose, you can jump back in and watch the videos and play along as you are able.

If you decide to keep going, here are some things that help me when doing the uncomfortable parts of growth and change:

  1. Listen to your body. Don’t push further than you are safely able. If you feel anxiety coming – take a break and refocus on things that lower your stress.
  2. Knowing that discomfort is coming and is part of the process helps you pre-plan some ways you can keep your anxiety at a minimum.
  3. Definitely follow all advice from your doctor or therapist.
  4. Understand that allowing yourself to manage even a small amount of emotional discomfort will build resilience and support your ability to manage anxiety attacks.
  5. STILL, your health and safety are always priority. Don’t sacrifice either. Go at a pace you can safely manage.
  6. Applaud every step you take, no matter the size, in trying to heal and grow.

I hope this helps you make the best decision for your life. Thank you for your question because I know there are others in the challenge who are feeling the same way and aren’t sure if they should continue.

Best Wishes,


Dr. Genie offers workshops, classes, challenges and membership coaching on her teachable school, Genie Mathews Academy. The Safari 5-Day Self-Wisdom Challenge is one of those offerings.

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