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Hi! I’m Genie – an empty nested mom of two on the third phase of this incredible life journey.  I spent many years as a  dedicated wife and mom working part-time or from home  while setting aside a lot of my dreams and ambitions to take  care of my family.  With my kids grown and nearly graduated  college, I found myself stuck with no idea of what my job – my purpose- was now.  After several years of study and practice, I found ME again and rediscovered my dreams.  My purpose? To help others who are stuck in their lives to find their way back to their dreams too.




What is an Intuitive Life Coach?


A life coach is someone who helps you figure out exactly where you are right now and discover where you want to be instead.  Then they coach you through the gap in between where you are and where you want to be to help you reach your goals.

An Intuitive Life Coach will use their own intuition and help the individual access their own internal guidance to help and support self-healing in the areas where the person is stuck.  

I use a holistic approach in coaching.  That means that I help you uncover the blocks in your whole self – mind, body, spirit.   Additionally, I use metaphysical tools to support healing and balancing of energy, such as; oracle cards, crystals, essential oils, Chakra work, Reiki, Qi gong, SHIFTing, Law of Attraction, and transformation techniques.



There are many ways you can work with me!

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Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner – Advanced Certified Angel Oracle Card Reader – Certified Holistic Tarot Reader – Certified Quantum Life Coach – Reiki Master & Teacher – Certified Life Coach – Certified Relationship Coach – Certified Dream Interpreter – Energy Healing Coach – Crystal Healing Coach – Aromatherapy Adviser- Angel Life Coach – Advanced Angel Practitioner – Animal Reiki Practitioner – Spirituality Teacher & Coach – Metaphysics PhD Candidate