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Hi! I’m Genie – an empty nested mom of two on the third phase of this incredible life journey.  I spent many years as a  dedicated wife and mom working part-time or from home  while setting aside a lot of my dreams and ambitions to take  care of my family.  With my kids grown and nearly graduated  college, I found myself stuck with no idea of what my job – my purpose- was now.  After several years of study and practice, I found ME again and rediscovered my dreams.  My purpose? To help others who are stuck in their lives to find their way back to their dreams too.

Oh, gosh – that was the super sweet watered down version for sure! I’ve been telling that story for a few years now and though it’s true, it sure doesn’t tell you much about me, does it?

The truth is that I went through a ton of emotional upheaval and heartache in my younger life.  I’ve had esteem issues, fears and trauma to heal from, relationship problems, anger issues, depression, anxiety and a ton of medical issues to go along.  There was a reason I centered my whole life around my family and ignored myself – to hide from healing the fears and self-esteem issues that were stopping me from being successful in my own right. It took a lot of work to see that I was my own problem and used my family as an excuse to stop living for myself and to heal so I could move forward with my own life.

18835575_1548816461796606_3976836779236705330_nI began my journey, my “Ethereal Quest“, in 2010.  It is just a simple Facebook page that I created to post the spiritual and healing messages that I need to hear. It was that one small step that led me to the next.  Posting quotes of others led me to looking in to the authors, reading their books, taking their classes, and following their blogs.  And so my healing journey began….

Over the past eight years I have gone through a life-saving transformation through study and practice and working with amazing teachers and coaches.

The greatest challenge has been finishing my education and being able to release all my limiting beliefs about not being good enough to help others.  I know there are so many of you who went through traumatic events and who suffer from stress and fears and overwhelm now, just like I did and at times still do.   I asked myself what is something I needed during my worst times?  The answer – a ray of hope.  Someone – anyone – to tell me they understood and that I had the power to feel whole again.

So, that’s why I’m here.  I’m just a small candle hoping to light your way.

My Training, Experience  & Education

I’ve taken so many online courses on energy healing and holistic healing topics that there isn’t much sense to list them all.  Topics have covered crystals, Oracle cards, Tarot, Chakra Healing, Qi Gong, meditation, aromatherapy, life coaching, relationship coaching, angels, Akashic Records, Quantum Life Coaching, Law of Attraction and others…

In my life before my transformation (BT 🙂 ) I had studied 3 years at college, operated a Day Care Center, worked with developmentally delayed school students, founded a non-profit youth center and volunteered with a variety of organizations; scouts, YMCA, youth sports, etc.  I was drawn to working in areas where I could improve the lives of children, plus it allowed me to spend time with my own kids.

A couple years ago I became interested in learning about essential oils, something I had actually been fighting against myself doing for years because I am not a fan of “fads”.  Essential oils seemed like just another “fad” to me – until the Universe sent an amazing person in to my life.  I signed up for doTerra after taking a workshop on self-care from Aly Doyle – she became not only my doTerra leader, but a great teacher and business mentor as well.  She also led me to begin my formal study of metaphysics and spiritual counseling, and obtaining Ordination.  I’ve completed my Bachelor and Master Degrees in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, specializing in Spiritual Counseling and am preparing for my Doctorate at this time and hope to be finished soon.

The truth is that growing up and right until today, I have always been the one in the group that gives the advice and that people come to with their life concerns.  I’m an empath, claircognizant and lightworker.  I am very in-tune to other’s thoughts and emotions and people -even strangers – are drawn to open up about their lives to me.   All of the courses and training and life experience has helped me hone my skills and connect with my intuition and wisdom on a higher level.

So, let me help.  Whether it’s essential oil advice or joining my team, writing in to my new blog, Dear Genie™, to ask a question about Love, Leadership, Lifecycles, or Living, or maybe taking one of my courses or workshops, or working with me privately on your spiritual counseling or coaching needs – I’m here.  I’m here for you.  ♥♥