About Genie


Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney

Metaphysical Humanistic Science PhD

Spiritual Counselor, Synergy Life Coach, Ordained Minister



New Office Open!

103 West Main Street, Bridgeport, WV  26330



My office is located in an old church now known as “The Sanctuary” for local artisans and operated by The Starving Artist Studio.  The atmosphere is creative and high vibe!! I’m located up the stairs, turn right, and go to the end of the hall.




These are my two spaces.  The smaller room is for crystal sessions and some counseling and coaching.   The larger room (well, it’s bigger than the other but it is pretty small) is for coaching and workshops and classes.  Hosting 6 or 7 people will be tight but small groups are awesome!   And the meditation group is going to be spoiled with off the floor seating!  I chose accent chairs and the futon specifically for being great pieces to use for meditation.  There is still floor space if you’d like that better!


To schedule a free consultation or an appointment for a session, call the number above or visit the Appointments page for other ways to contact me.