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The Genie Mathews Academy was started 6 years ago on Facebook…

The Genie Mathews Holistic Wellness Academy was started 6 years ago on Facebook.  I began teaching workshops in a private Facebook group mostly focusing on self-care.  I added to the workshops and uploaded them to an online course website and hosted 8 full length courses at one time. Eventually, I chose to offer in-person classes in my local community and focused on that for the past two years.

In February 2020, the Covid-19 virus opened up the need for online classes again and I began to map out the future for the academy online. The first new addition was to include a membership program for offering workshops and mini-courses to my inner circle of women who are seeking healing, growth, and connection.

When we created our first set of courses and put them through the membership group, we then opened them up to everyone as QUESTS.

The online academy is growing! Recently we added the membership portal which hosts mini-courses each month on a spiritual, holistic wellness, or ceremonial topics. This membership is for women and there are options to join locally and through distance learning.

Some comments from students who took our latest local course…

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