The Align + Shine™ Academy  is Blossom United’s own education hub for courses created by team founder, Dr. Aly Doyle (  Align is the lifestyle level and is all about your personal journey to health and wellness.  Shine is the mastery level and where you’ll find certification courses.

Here is info on the courses offered and how you can earn them. Feel free to contact me via email at

By enrolling at any level, you earn these courses:

  • 5 Day Fast Start (biz training)
  • 21 Day Smart Start + Aromatherapy 101

These are smart courses that help you work out the way you want to use your Blossoms and doTerra memberships.  There are lots of great tutorials on website creation, social media and getting your biz started.


  • Journey to Self-Healing and Self-Discovery Course

This lifestyle course is a prerequisite to taking the mastery level (Shine Level) courses.  Journey to Self-Healing is a course which is all about aligning your energy and doing some of the healing you need to do before helping others.  Filling your own cup first, as Dr. Aly likes to say.

To earn the Journey to Self-Healing and Self-Discovery Course you need to join with an Introductory Level doTerra Kit or higher when you enroll as a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer.


These Mastery Level Programs are certification courses which can greatly enhance your biz or your self-healing journey.

  • Certified Crystal Healer, Crystal Practitioner
  • Certified Holistic Tarot Reader, Tarot Practitioner
  • Certified Life Code Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Practitioner

To earn these courses, you will need to be on a monthly subscription (called LRP) of doTerra essential oils at a 100pv or higher for three consecutive months per course.  (LRP is a monthly order (like a subscription box) that you set up in advance.  You can choose the oils each month PLUS you earn points that you can use later to get your favorite oils free!) 

The great way this works – purchasing oils to earn courses – it that, A) Oils are demonstrated and suggested for practice in the courses, so you’ll have them to study, and, B) You will become familiar with many oils and will be able to use them in your own healing practice and with your clients.

You can choose the course you want to take after your three consecutive months on LRP.  Then, you can earn the remaining two excellent mastery courses the same way – three consecutive months on LRP each.

*Remember, the Align Level is a prerequisite to taking any Shine Level course.

Should you wish to earn ALL of the courses at once, you have the option to enroll as a  Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer  with the EVERY OIL KIT and you will have All Access to the Academy Courses.  *You still will not receive access to the mastery courses until you complete the Journey course. 

Ready to learn?  Join me and the Blossoms United Team 💜🎉 🎈