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Are you a Lightworker, Health & Wellness Coach or Blogger, or someone who works with energy healing or other alternative modalities?  Would you like to find exceptional online biz building support and add an additional stream of income to your biz?

Are you just starting your wellness journey and looking for self-help courses to take, maybe want a way to earn wellness products and mastery level courses, or begin your own sacred online business?

Then let me talk to you about Blossoms United and see if you might be interested in becoming a Blossom and adding some additional training, certifications and tons of value to your established biz or support on your wellness journey!

What is Blossoms United?

Blossoms United is a group of HIGH VIBE, holistic wellness minded people who are also signed up as doTerra Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers. DoTerra is a company that sells essential oils and provides a wealth of education about their use and benefits. Founded by Dr. Aly Doyle (, Blossoms United doTerra Team is one of the fastest growing in the biz – but not because Blossom Members are out there selling essential oils at fairs and festivals and to their friends!2017-BU-Circle-Logo.png

Blossoms United is different.  We do the biz our way and fit it in to our lives, not the other way around.  Our focus is on education and on using that education for our own health and wellness and/or to add to our existing (or new) holistic health businesses.  Our founder has created several extraordinary certification courses that are exclusive to the Blossoms United team!  These courses give you tools for self-healing and real skills to boost your biz! The courses are true assets to our team.  Selling essential oil is just not our focus or how we do things, even though we love, love, love our doTerra oils! 

Check out these Blossoms United Ebooks to learn exactly what we do and how you can Live, Learn and Lead as a member of our team!  The first book gives details on using your membership for self-care and growth, while the second book is full of biz building info & how to earn additional revenue with adding doTerra to your biz.

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To become a Blossom, just go to my doTerra website and sign up under me as a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer!  (’ll find me under my legal married name, Gayla Mathews Pinkney.

When you sign up you’ll have the option to join at $35 or to purchase certain enrollment kits that wave that fee.

*You will earn courses right away when you sign up.  How many depends on which enrollment fee/kit that you choose.*

Once you sign up, I will be notified and will send you an introduction email to the address you listed with doTerra.  This email will be full of information – links to the Blossoms Hub, Facebook group link, information on earning master courses and the links to the courses you earned just by becoming a member.

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Make sure to check out the link above before you enroll – the courses you earn right away can depend on what enrollment option you choose, so you’ll want to decide that before you join!  🙂  

I cannot stress enough how much being a part of Blossoms United has helped me build my business and become the person I am today. ♥  The mentoring, support, courses, leadership, and constant motivation and positive energy around this group is not something you will find anywhere else – I know because I’ve been everywhere else!  Dr. Aly is a generous and wise business woman and she has pulled a team of fantastic women around her and they all help lead the entire group.  It’s amazing!  I hope you’ll join me – and us!

Oh, and if you join Blossoms with me, you’ll also have free access to my upcoming signature course on my own academy!  Exclusive bonus for my own team 🙂

Best Wishes,


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