Dear Genie #32

Life Advice from Spiritual Counselor, Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney Today’s letter was sent to me by someone in my Safari Self-Awareness Challenge group. This person wants to remain anonymous and I respect that, but also want to answer her concerns to support her through this challenge – and possibly help others in the group feelingContinue reading “Dear Genie #32”

Dear Genie #31

This week’s letter is about connecting with your psychic ability. If you have a question to ask Dr. Genie, send her a letter using the contact tab on the website. Born with a Gift writes; Dear Genie, I think I have psychic abilities but never had anyone I could talk to about them.  I sometimesContinue reading “Dear Genie #31”

Dear Genie #30

Today’s letter was sent to me a while back and I was very uncomfortable answering it. This is a very controversial topic. But, after receiving some wisdom recently, I feel I can answer it with love and compassion and without overstepping. Desperate Parent writes: Dear Genie, I have a parenting question.  My daughter was throwingContinue reading “Dear Genie #30”

Dear Genie #29

Advice on Life, Living Your Dream, Leadership, and Love This week’s Dear Genie letter is from someone who is concerned about their negative thinking. Dr. Genie talks about facing these negative thoughts and healing the wounds and limiting beliefs behind them. Thinking Negative Thoughts writes: Dear Genie, I was hesitant to write about something IContinue reading “Dear Genie #29”

Dear Genie #28

Spiritual Advice from Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney Too Old for a Life writes: Dear Genie, I’m 64 years old. I spent my whole life caring for other people.  I watched my sisters when we were children.  I raised my own children.  Then I took care of my parents until they passed.  I never went toContinue reading “Dear Genie #28”

Dear Genie #27

Not Feeling It writes: Dear Genie, For the first time ever that I can remember I didn’t set any new year’s resolutions.  I can’t think of anything I want that I feel that I can achieve this year.  I don’t want to say I have given up but I am really lost and just kindContinue reading “Dear Genie #27”

Dear Genie #26

This week’s letter is from a client who requested a card reading.  I thought the question she had was particularly relevant to many people and asked her permission to share.  Decision Limbo writes: Dear Genie, I was going to start a business then covid happened and I put it off.  It’s now Christmas and IContinue reading “Dear Genie #26”

Dear Genie #25

This week’s letter is a hot topic and one I know many of you are struggling with today and upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings. If you would like to submit a letter to Dear Genie, you can write me HERE. Thanksgiving Anxiety writes: Dear Genie, I’m having anxiety about going to Thanksgiving at my parent’s house thisContinue reading “Dear Genie #25”

Dear Genie #24

This week’s Dear Genie is an issue we can all relate to in these uncertain times – being cooped up at home with the entire family. Want to Run Away writes: Dear Genie, COVID-19 has destroyed my marriage and I want to ask my husband for a divorce.  I don’t work because we have twoContinue reading “Dear Genie #24”

New Beginnings

  When we were sitting in our group creating vision boards back in January, we could never have guessed the turn of events that have led us to this new reality. Ouch.  Did you just cringe when you read that as bad as I did when I typed it? New Reality.  That’s what we areContinue reading “New Beginnings”