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This page is to contact Genie or to submit a question to Dear Genie™ or request information on private coaching sessions.

There is no guarantee that all of the submissions for Dear Genie™ can be answered.  If you have a medical concern please make sure to contact your doctor or therapist for support.  Dear Genie™ does not address medical or legal issues.

If you would like to reach Genie with other questions and comments, you can message her through Facebook or Instagram as well.

For Dear Genie™ Submissions ONLY: In the “Name” box, please list how you would like your question signed publicly for the “Dear Genie” Blog.  (Genie from WV, or, GM from WV, or Concerned in WV… etc.)  If your story is too large to submit via this method, you can email me via this address and put “Dear Genie Submission” in the subject line:

If you are requesting information on private sessions or general questions please make sure to leave your email address so I can respond to your request. 😁


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