Dear Genie #3

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Have the courage to ask for your desires ♥

Sheila P. writes:

Dear Genie,

Will I receive more money soon?

Dear Sheila P.,

Oh, Sheila, if I could answer that I would be in great demand as a fortune teller! 🙂

In the Law of Attraction, the secret to manifesting abundance is that you have to know that your desires will be fulfilled.  You ask the universe (or God) for what you desire and then you thank the universe (or God) for providing it because you know it is on the way.  You know it.

So, Sheila, are you going to receive money soonAsk. Believe. Receive. 

I’ll tell you what – I will draw a card from The Good Tarot deck and see if the universe will give me an answer for you.

ten of water

And we have the 10 of Water with the Buddha statue.  The Buddha is famously a symbol for good fortune!  I think you’ve got the answer for sure!

Be patient and good fortune will arrive.  Believe it!

Best of Luck!

♥ Genie

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Scott writes:

Dear Genie,

I’ve been married for almost twelve years now. We have a great relationship and three great kids. I can’t complain! I have a good job and we definitely don’t go without. The problem is I’m bored. I have the life that most people aim for but something is missing. I’ve tried finding new hobbies and making friends but it’s not helping. I don’t know how to approach my wife about this without it sounding like I’m unhappy in our marriage. I’m not lacking anything sexually or romantically, I’m not bored with her or our kids. I’m bored with my life. Same routine, same thing every day. How can I bring this up without hurting feelings? Is there a solution or is this something I need to get used to? Thanks.

Dear Scott,

As humans we are designed to desire growth and change.  It’s natural.  It’s how we evolve. It’s that whole cave-man nomad instinct in us. We grow and change as individuals whether we choose to or not.   There are many who fight this instinct and that leads to a lot of unhappiness and suffering.   It is really healthy that you have recognized this need in yourself and I applaud your sensitivity towards your wife.  While we have a need to strive for individual growth and fulfillment, we do have to consider how our behavior and choices affect those around us.

Do something for me.  Imagine your life in twenty years if you don’t talk to your wife about this and don’t find that something to fill in the missing piece.  Do you notice cracks in the beautiful life you have now?  Has the boredom grown to unbearable levels – and has that changed who you are?  What are you wishing you had done while you had the chance?  

There is a solution, Scott.  And, yes, that will include talking to your wife about your desires and feelings.  Trust me, we gals always know when something is wrong or changing and unless we know why, we always blame ourselves.  She will pick up on this energy from you whether you tell her or not.  Fear of having this conversation will likely cause you both hurt feelings in the long run.

The thing I would suggest you try to do first is really figure out what it is you want to fill that missing piece.   Knowing what you want will make the conversation with the Mrs. much more clear.  The problem is you have tried some things but don’t really know what you desire.

Normally, when helping someone figure out what to do with their life, I would have them do some visualization exercises to imagine their dream life.  It sounds like you’ve got a head start there with a happy home, marriage and family.  You’re a wonderful success story.   I might also suggest to others that they take a look at their hobbies and skills to see where their talent and passions meet.  You are a step a head on that as well, although you’ve found no solution. It seems like you are in need of some inspiration to know what you want to fill this missing-ness(Yes, I made that word up.)

Have you thought about volunteering? Something on a personal level (meaning to directly work with people instead of donations or fundraising) – perhaps with the elderly or youth?  Take a look in your community and see what need there is for someone with your talents.  Some ideas: Veterans programs, Senior Centers, Youth Mentor programs, Youth coaching, etc.

I’m suggesting this, not as the answer to what you are seeking, but as a path to self-discovery.  Volunteering on a personal level can help you find your inspiration in these ways:

  1. It just feels good to help others. When you feel good, you energetically connect with your intuition and open yourself up for ideas and creativity.  This is divine inspiration.


  1. When working with the elderly you do a lot of listening. You hear the stories of the events that brought them joy.  You hear the regrets of the dreams they never lived.  Likewise, when working with youth – you pick up on the exciting futures they have planned and all their big and wild dreams.  As you support them, they will inspire you.


  1. Volunteering is a great activity you can do with your wife. You may grow as a couple from the experience and you both may find inspiration for living your individual passions and desires. 


Even if you don’t take me up on that idea, your inspiration will come.  You’ll want to share it with your wife.  She loves you and wants you to be happy – she may just need to be reassured that your happiness still includes you walking this life journey by her side.  Once you know what you want, you’ll be able to talk to her about your inspiration and why you are inspired, rather than just saying, “I’m bored and feel like something is missing in my life.”  (Which we know would be misunderstood and taken personally.)

Also, include her in deciding how to take action on this inspiration – listen to her ideas and her concerns.  (For example, if you are inspired to jump out of airplanes – she might have a lot of concerns that you’ll need to answer first.  🙂 )

The bottom line is that growth and change happen – whether we seek it out or not.  It’s just nature.  You have the choice to deny it and ignore it and work against it and possibly end up unhappy and regretful while changes you don’t want happen anyway.  Or, you can tune in to your desires and live an inspired life on the path of your choosing.

Find your inspiration and talk to her. Allow her to grow and change by your side, as I know you will do for your wife when the call for something more beckons her.

Wishing you all the best,

♥ Genie

P.S. Some metaphysical suggestions:

Peppermint leaf and Blue Lace Agate stone are both really good support when having a conversation you are nervous about.  Peppermint helps with nerves and is calming.  Blue Lace Agate is a throat chakra stone and helps you communicate your truth in a loving way.

conversation kit.png

The advice on this blog are only suggestions for life improvement using the life experience and training of Genie Mathews.  There is no medical or legal advice contained within and content is not to be used in place of medical or legal advice.

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Dear Genie #2

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♥Special Valentine’s Day Advice Blog♥

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You are soooo loved – today & every day!

Tammy M. writes:

Dear Genie,

I’ve been married for 8 years and my husband always plans the same thing for Valentine’s day.  We go to dinner and a movie.  I’m not complaining though.  I know lots of marriages that don’t even do that much.  It’s just that it is one of the only times a year we go out without the kids and I would like to do something that is special and gives us memories.  Am I just being a nag?  Should I talk to him about it?

Dear Tammy M,

If you want to be married for 8 more years I would say don’t criticize someone who is trying to do something nice.  Criticizing only puts the other person on the defense and doesn’t solve anything.

On the other hand, I applaud you for wanting to spend what little alone time you have away from the kids to have meaningful time with your spouse.  No, you aren’t being a nag – you want more for your relationship and that is a good thing.

So, here is my question – why don’t you plan your Valentine’s date?  Just suggest to your hubby that you’d like to “let him off the hook” this year and you plan the outing that you desire.  On the outing fill him with reassurance that you planned the date to show your love for him and because you appreciate how he has always been willing to take you out on this special day (when so many other married guys don’t).  You don’t want him to come away feeling he has ever let you down with his dinner and movie dates.

You don’t have much time to plan this today – so get to creating your surprise date already!

Have fun and do love!


Love is a verb.png


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Valentine’s Blues writes:

Dear Genie,

I’m single this Valentine’s day for the first time in many years.  Any suggestions on how to make the best of it?

Dear Valentine’s Blues,

The good thing is that you are getting to spend some time getting to know yourself again.  The bad thing is that a day like today is in your face and makes you feel like you are lacking something. It’s not set up to be loving to people who aren’t in love, is it? It’s like a private club that you don’t belong to anymore.

Or do you? 

It is so important to love yourself – even more than you think you could love a partner.  If you don’t love and honor yourself, not only can others not love and honor you, but you can’t love and honor others. What you give yourself is what you can give to others.

Today is nothing more than the day to honor love.  You are love.  You are loved.  Honor yourself.

Take yourself out.  Buy yourself a beautiful plant or bouquet of flowers.  Treat yourself to that delightful chocolate.  Enjoy a lovely dinner.

Love yourself.  You are so worth it!

Have a beautiful evening!


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Dear Genie™ #1

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Welcome to the launch of my new advice blog, Dear Genie™, where I answer your concerns that you write to me!  Today I have selected two letters – some days there may be more and some days there may be less, depending on the letter length and my response.  You can submit your own letter and concern by using the “contact” tab above!

launch day work

(My work space this morning!)

Carol S. writes:

Dear Genie,

You mentioned soul healing in the types of things you talk about. What is meant by soul healing, how do you heal your soul, and how do you know if you need it? Thanks.

Dear Carol S.,

As a holistic wellness adviser, I see the body as three parts – Physical Body, Mental Body, and Spiritual Body.  When I talk about the soul and soul healing I am talking about our spiritual/energy body.  Spiritual, Energy and Soul are used inter-changeably.

Our soul provides our connection to the unseen, it’s our source of creativity, and our inner light.  The soul gives us our intuition and instinct and “6th sense” by connecting us with something higher. Some call that higher entity God or Jesus, others call it the Universe, or the Collective Consciousness or Source or, simply, Energy.   The soul is our own higher-self, whichI believe, lives on and retains memory after our earthly bodies have gone.

We know we need soul healing when we feel disconnected to this part of ourselves. As humans have grown more advanced, we have relied more heavily on our mental and physical strengths – setting aside our connection to the unseen and ignoring our intuition. This disconnect may see us having a low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, loneliness or being unloved; Our reactions to life will be out of alignment with our internal ethics and how we want to respond to situations – we show anger, have addictions, behave self-destructively, etc.; We will feel powerless and lacking connection to our inner voice (intuition) or we will have problems making decisions and taking action in life; We will often live in the past and dwell on mistakes and memories, instead of being focused on today.  Or, we may live in fear of the future with uncertainty and doubt keeping us stuck and too afraid to make change.  It’s a feeling of unrest… of being dis-eased… of incompleteness.

feed your soul

How we heal the soul is to open up and reconnect with our higher-self and bring about balance in our lives to become self-complete.  And that takes a lot work and willingness to make changes in our thoughts and beliefs and behaviors.    These are the things I work on with clients and what other spiritual coaches and holistic healers work towards with their clients – whether with Reiki, yoga, crystals, chakra work, meditation, spiritual counseling, or any number of other modalities.  It all comes down to reconnecting to that part of us we have forgotten.

Thanks for the great question!


Interested in working with me 1-on-1?

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Getting Burned Out in WV writes:

Dear Genie,

I’m writing this because I’m exhausted. Both of my grandparents are I’ll, and need help. My mother (their daughter) is too wrapped up in her own self pity to help them, at all. My sibling is too involved in his own drama to help – and if I’m honest, I don’t want him helping anyway because he has a knack for creating problems. I can only be there on the weekends because my son has school and I have responsibilities as a wife and mother, too. I’ve offered to come help them throughout the day while he’s at school, but they refuse. The truth is, my health isn’t the best. I have several problems of my own, and being busy EVERY DAY is wearing me down. Not only am I exhausted, but I’m in pain from all of the work. Whenever I’m there I refuse to let them do anything because I know they are in worse shape than I am, and need to rest. I don’t know how to get my mother to help. She’s not working and depends on them for most of her expenses. I feel that she’s ungrateful and selfish, but approaching her in ANY way has proven ineffective. I’ve tried being understanding, I’ve tried being blunt – if not rude. They can’t afford to hire someone because, as I said, they’re footing the bill for her utilities and life. (they just bought her a vehicle – again)

How do I find the energy to be everywhere and do everything? How do I get through to someone who legitimately doesn’t see an issue with their behavior? How do I get my grandparents to see that they are enabling her sloth? It’s to the point where she refuses to do anything – even take care of herself. She will honestly pay my brother and I to come do her dishes, or clean her room!!!


Dear Getting Burned Out in WV,

I can hear your frustration and worry for you grandparents and your mom.  Your concerns have so many layers and it feels like a tangled mess, yes? Honestly, I have a pretty un-messy answer for you.

You cannot change anyone else’s mind or behavior. 

These are all adults.  They have the right to make their own decisions, good or bad.  Your mom is not going to change until she decides to either do it herself or to get professional help to get out of her “sloth”, as you put it.  Likewise, your grandparents will continue to enable her until they decide for themselves that they will stop providing for her.  Unfortunately, in this case, these adults have the free will to make these choices even though you can see that they are destructive to them, and to you.

The only person you can change is you and your participation in this family situation. 

So, here is my advice:

First, self-care is vital.  Every day you should be doing something just for you that brings your heart peace, joy, or passion.  You must fill your own cup before you can care for anyone else.  Self-care is not just pampering, however. You can also work on a hobby or be creative in some way.  You can walk in the woods or connect with nature.  You can meditate or practice yoga.  Write, journal, or read something inspiring.  These are just a few suggestions – follow your own heart and passion.  Take care of you first.

Second, because you love your grandparents and will still assist them (who wouldn’t help their grandparents?), you will need to set up some boundaries for what you can help with and how much help you can give – then, stick to those boundaries.  This is not to punish your grandparents.  This is to help you give them consistent and loving support without getting burned out.  Know your limitations. 

Third and final – rethink doing anything for any adult that can and should be doing it for themselves, especially since you recognize what harm enabling can do.  Give back responsibility to those who can and should be responsible for themselves.


As a bonus – your changes in caring for yourself and being consistent and not enabling others will likely speak much louder and have a bigger influence on your family than any conversation you could have with them.

I truly hope that helps.


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This advice is not intended to substitute for the advice of your doctor, therapist, or lawyer.


New Blog Launches Monday

I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin this new program at! 😀💜🎉🎊🎈✨

I’ve been reading 👀  through your submissions and choosing letters that are appropriate for me to give advice to (not all are things I’m qualified or comfortable answering 😟).  I am really hopeful that lots of people will gain support from this blog 🙏 .

I’m still looking for letters to answer on Valentine’s Day 💝💝 and will take submissions until 5pm (EST) Monday, February 12th.  So, send your letters this weekend 💜😀

Remember, tune in here Monday for the Dear Genie launch🎊🎉🎈 and follow my blog to see all the letters and advice.  ✨✨

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Send Me a Letter

I am soooo excited to announce that Dear Genie™, my newly remodeled blog turned “advice column”, is launching next Monday!!

Launch date ad.png

I’ve received a few submissions to get us started but would love to hear from you!  AND, I would really ♥♥♥ to offer Love Advice for a Valentine’s Day Special Blog!  So send me some relationship questions this week 🙂

Here’s how you submit your question:

Click the Contact tab above and fill out the form with your question.  Just remember – I do not give medical or legal advice.  Some ideas for what I do give advice about:  Love, Leadership, Life-Cycle (or phase), and Living Your Best Life!

Got a question?  Great!  Send me a Letter!

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Dear Genie

Very soon my website is going to be relaunched all shiny and new 🙂  One of the biggest changes is coming to my blog!  The title might give it away for some of you and I hope that sounds as exciting to you as it is for me!

After the January workshop on Facebook I spent many, many days meditating and planning and figuring out the direction I want to take my holistic biz in this year.  I grew a lot over the past year and have really enjoyed meeting all the new people I am working with and had tons of fun doing card reading advice on my Facebook page.  It just didn’t seem to help people the way I was hoping.

In retrospection, the daily card readings were so random – useful – but random.  Plus, if you aren’t in to Oracle and Tarot Cards, you weren’t tuning in to hear the message anyway.

I struggled for a couple weeks trying to solve my desire to give advice publicly and to a lot of people at once, but do it in a way that actually helps someone.  ♥♥   One day during meditation the words “Dear Abby” popped in my head and I knew immediately the direction I needed to go in this year.


Dear Genie Header

Dear Abby is a newspaper columnist who answers life questions from readers who send in letters.  Like that column, I will be answering real life questions from real life people here on my blog.  This is a huge shift in the way I give educational information and holistic wellness advice!  Topics and information will now relate to real situations rather than random topics I am interested in sharing.  ♥♥♥♥

My first “Dear Genie” blog will launch in a couple weeks, but I am soliciting questions and concerns now.  There will be three ways to submit a question or concern on a spiritual, holistic or life topic.  (I cannot answer medical or legal questions though!)

  • You can contact me on Instagram or Facebook with your question.  I get a lot of messages on those accounts and this is the least best way to submit a letter.

  • You can email me at a new email account I have set up for “Dear Genie”

  • You can use the contact form tab above, or click this image that I will post with each new blog from now on:

send me a letter image

How does this work?

Once a week (or more often depending on how many submissions I get) I will answer questions based on my training and spiritual philosophy.  Answers may include recommended crystals or activities. They may include a drawing of an oracle card or an intuitive impression.  Mostly, however, my advice will be sound and straight forward.

I cannot answer questions or concerns regarding medical or legal issues.  This includes psychotherapy questions.  I am not a psychologist or medical doctor or lawyer.  My area of expertise is Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching and Metaphysical Humanistic Science.  And, though I am legally able to give counseling in certain areas of life, I will not answer anything that I do not feel expertly qualified to answer.  If you have followed my blog or watched my Daily Oracle Card Advising, then you know what kinds of things I generally talk about >>  Self-care, self-image, healthy boundaries, relationship healing, soul healing, stress, fear, love, compassion, wisdom, personal strength, personal power, goal setting, dream planning, life transformation, energy healing, etc…

I’m looking forward to your questions and hope this new direction helps you make the shifts in your life you have been seeking.


disclaimer for website pre phd


The Bubbly Personality Lie in Spiritual Leadership

Almost every spiritual business mentor and teacher I have and every “how to succeed in life” speaker I have listened to have all been incredibly bubbly, extremely happy,  cheerleader-like personalities.

“Hi, beautiful gals!  Let me show you how to be fabulous sacred healers and attract high value clients! You too can live a life of joy and abundance lovelies! *smiley face, heart, party streamers, praying hands, smiley face*”

That upbeat, confident, bubbly social media message reels me in every time.  How about you?

I mean, someone that happy and successful – because all of these sacred biz mentors and teachers are successful – must really be an amazing spiritual guru, right?  They must have all their shizz together and so this is someone I have got to listen to and emulate if I am going to be successful.  

I am calling bullshit on this spiritual lie.

I finally understand that the bubbly persona is just a caricature – a sales gimmick – an infomercial to get you to buy what program or course they are selling.  It’s not sustainable longer than the length of a webinar or Facebook Live because all spiritual leaders and teachers have the same problems everyone else have – they just choose to be inauthentic and hide their truth so you will buy their happiness model.

Bubbly does not equal happy.  Bubbly does not equal joy.  Bubbly does not equal spiritually awaken-ness. 

Images I found on google about the shadow side of bubbly personalities:


I can’t tell you how much I have beat myself up because I am not a bubbly person and never have been.  I have always been the level-headed problem-solver who people confide in because I am calm and rational and serious.  I’m going to tell you the truth in a compassionate and positive way without sugarcoating it with balloons, hearts, giggles  and a false sense of potential outcome. I can even motivate you without pom-poms or a locker room speech.  But, the last couple years I have often wondered if my scholarly demeanor and lack of cheerleader skill was going to stall my growth as a teacher and leader.  I wondered if I was really happy if I couldn’t present myself in a bubbly manner.

Yes, I doubted if I was happy because I couldn’t fake pretentious happiness. 

Sure, I laugh and I smile when I feel it to do so – I’m neither cold-hearted nor a robot. I live with a ton of joy in my heart and enjoy life with zest every chance I get. I am happy and I am healing and I am growing.  I love life!  I love teaching!  I love learning!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!

I want more than anything to pass on content and education that can help others heal and grow and live happy lives.  I just get in this zone of seriousness and even-temperament when I am teaching.   I don’t spend a lot of energy on creating momentary high vibes and using emoticons to give temporary smiles. (I do use them, just sparingly)  I am in this for the long haul and your long-term happiness and joy.

I’m just not a great salesperson.  I’m really bad at being inauthentic and bringing out my inner actress. That’s probably because I am much more interested in helping you than I am in taking as much of your money as I can get.  The truth is that I can only muster just so much bubble even when I am trying to sell a course or product I think would really benefit your life – not because I don’t care or because I don’t want to get you excited to buy my course – but because I want you to buy it because you want to heal and grow, not because I did a Jedi mind-trick on your emotions.

Are there genuine bubbly people – yes, absolutely!  But, even the bubbliest of people have shadows.  A person who is truly awake and desiring to help others will know that being authentic is vital in spiritual teaching and leadership – it is how you model getting through shadow days that is the real path to spiritual growth.

Be careful of “spiritual leaders” who keep their shadows a secret and only present their sales persona.  And, don’t automatically discount those who present themselves in a calm, even-tempered demeanor because they may just be the most real teachers you’ll find.

bubbly does not equal happy.png

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From Hobby to Career

I’ve been a spiritual coach and teacher for a few years now.  I’ve blogged when I wanted,difference between hobby and career offered private sessions when I had time, and made this a second life apart from my family and other jobs.  I have set soft deadlines for courses and really treated this passion of mine as a hobby instead of a career.  And that worked just fine for a long time.  It gave me room to make mistakes and learn and grow and it also took the pressure off of me trying to earn a living in this field – which is really lucky since I have offered most of my services for free.

A few months back I made the decision that it was time to switch gears and make use of my training and skills and love of helping others in an increased capacity.  It felt like the time was right to transition from hobby to career and to try to earn a living doing what I love.  I thought I’d share the first hurdle I had to get over in making the change…

…having a plan.

See, when I started to do this full-time, I was still behaving like I did when it was a hobby.  Sure, I was doing it daily or several times a week – writing blogs, sharing on social media, daily live card drawings, advertising paid services here and there- but it was still very much, do what I feel like doing, write about what comes to mind, advertise this or that, and share random (though informative) social media posts.  

I was overwhelmed keeping up any kind of daily to-do list.   I didn’t have a plan.  I didn’t have a routine.  I didn’t have the slightest idea how to make this a career.

What I did have was a great business mentor, Dr. Aly, leader of my doTERRA team.  I began paying attention to her work ethic and it became clear how she built a very successful online holistic biz and leader of one of the fastest growing doTERRA teams; She has a plan.  And she works that plan everyday.  And she makes changes to that plan as she needs.  And she just never stops.

So, the first thing I did was to change my habits and create a daily routine that keeps me on track.  While getting used to a daily work routine, I began creating my business plan and goals.  Even if you think you know where you want to go with your business, it’s great to put it in writing because you see all the steps you are missing and what you really need to get there.  I just used the same steps as in the 2017 Goal Planning Course that I offer for free on the Academy. (Goal Planning Course)

Now that I have a plan and I know what direction I am going in, it has made a huge difference in my being able to schedule my daily tasks while still leaving time for client appointments and the personal stuff I still have to take care of day-to-day. 

I created this weekly planner sheet to help me keep track of all the things I need to take care of each day.  This one is blank, but on my personal one I fill each daily block with the stuff I have to do every single day – from live readings, to appointments, to drinking enough water and getting something done around the house.  (I work from home and so I have to schedule house chores so I don’t get side-tracked cleaning and not work on my sacred biz!)

In the circles, I list my social media accounts and the days I will post and the topic.  Some of those I do twice a week, some once a week, and some I share what I posted on other accounts.  My blog is included in the circles and I have planned to blog twice a week.  So, one circle is for my blog.  Another circle is for Instagram.  The third circle is for Facebook.  And the final circle is for Pinterest.   You could use them for anything you want to standout from your daily routine.  

I use the thin block under the title to write a mantra or theme for the week.  This has helped me stay inspired and working towards my dreams.

You can right click and save the image, or download the pdf version by clicking the title.

2017 Weekly Planner

weekly plan blank.png

If you are a lightworker, empath, or intuitive and are hoping to start an online career and need some help, let me know.  Just message me at the contact tab above.  I can let you know how to join my holistic biz team to get tons of training, advice and support.  Yes, it’s through my doTerra team – but, honestly, we are about building holistic businesses – with the essential oils or without them.  We teach you how to build your blog and website, how to post on social media, how to make images to post, how to zoom and live stream… and lots and lots more.

Let me know if the weekly planner is useful!

♥ Genie


3 Tools to Raise Your Vibes

Each Wednesday on my Facebook page I draw two oracle cards to seek motivation and raising our vibes midway through the work week.  I do a daily reading  every weekday using a different intention and two different decks, which I choose intuitively.  Then, I coach on the messages given to me through the cards. You can view my Live drawings each day here >>> Genie’s Facebook

Let’s face it – we need motivation and inspiration on other days of the week, too.  Probably every day!  So here are a few of the ways I keep myself motivated and higher vibrating, even when it’s a struggle to do so.

1. Turn off the phone and TV and distractions. This allows you to think, plan and “hear” your inspiration when it calls.   These cell phones are sometimes a curse.  We just tune out – shut down – stop listening to the world and our own inner voices as we scroll and scroll and scroll through newsfeeds and posts.  Turn them off.  Set them aside.  Get back in touch with you.  Especially if you need motivation and inspiration.  It’s inside you if you will only pay attention!   Listen.

2.  Do something that brings you joy.  Play with your children.  Take a soak in the tub.  Sit outside with your cup of coffee and listen to life around you.  Listen to music.  Call a friend.  Dance.  Buy someone a meal.  Diffuse some uplifting essential oil blends.  Swim.  Read.  Make a gratitude list.  Smile at the check out clerk who is having a bad day.  Whatever it is that fills your heart with joy and happiness – do that!  Inspiration and motivation will flow with your vibrations lifted.  Feel. 

3.  Write a brief story of what your life will look like once your reach your goal or complete your task.   Write a paragraph or two as if you had already accomplished your goal.  What will it look like, feel like, be like once you get your goal is met?  How will you celebrate?  What will your emotion be like?  Feel that emotion as your write.  Relief? Pride? Victorious? Joyous? Are you dancing in the end zone?  Let that feeling motivate you to keep going until you get there!  You will get there.  Believe.

Hope these suggestions help.  ♥

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