Sacral Chakra Support

Sacral Chakra is the energy center for our creation power.  We create every day in our lives – create art, create at work, create life. 💛🍊🎨

When our Sacral Chakra is closed or stuck or not active, we find we have problems being successful in our ability to create. Here are some ways to help you improve your creation power – 

Sandalwood essential oil to enhance mood and calming, orange carnelian stone is soothing and opens plus activates your second chakra. This list of affirmations is useful in clearing away any blocks in your Sacral energy center. 🌟


A Message from Uriel

Archangel Uriel is my Angel Guide for my teaching and education.  I draw in Uriel’s energy whenever I need to be inspired about a workshop or on what direction I will go in my studies next.

I am hosting a Facebook workshop this week about Archangels and how to communicate with them.  I asked Archangel Uriel to kindly send me a message I could share with the workshop participants and with my Tribe.

Here is the message I received:


Tiger Totem

My animal totem is the tiger; that includes both the good and the bad.  Metaphysical imagery frames the tiger as being tied to the will, strength , aggressiveness and bravery.  And I know you have heard the phrase, “never wake a sleeping tiger”.

Yes, aggressiveness and unpredictability can be the shadow side of someone who is a tiger personality.  On the light side, tigers are fierce protectors, especially as mothers. Tigers can represent patience, incredible strength, confidence and a sense of adventure.

Tiger imagery can assist you in opening your Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus.  The tiger-eye stone and Rosemary essential oil are wonderful tools in helping to clear and charge your third chakra.   Try applying some rosemary EO to your Solar Plexus Chakra center before a speech or competition to ease nervousness and increase your confidence.  Hold a tiger -eye stone in your hand or keep it in your pocket for times when you need some extra courage.

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Best Wishes – gtiger totem.png



Root Chakra Affirmations

Feeling disconnected?  Can’t get out of your head and get focused?  Here is a great little kit to help you get grounded back on Earth.  Add a little doTerra Balance blend to your diffuser, and grab your black tourmaline stone and hold it while repeating the affirmations.

Getting grounded is important – it gets us focused on the here and now and helps us to stop dwelling on our regrets of yesterday and fears for tomorrow.  Live now.  Live in this moment.

Best wishes!  g


Angels Believe in You

I started my spiritual journey in 2010.  I called it my Ethereal Quest and created a Facebook page where I could share uplifting posts about angelic healing and being happy and living a life of joy.  I wasn’t happy or living a life of joy at the time, but I hoped that by bringing this positive energy in to my life that it would rub off – and it did.

I also began studying everything I could about angels and read books and joined groups that were about communicating with them – watching for signs – angel card reading -how to meditate -how to raise your vibration and open yourself up to hearing their messages.

This eventually led me to study the chakras and reiki and other energy healing modalities – then on to crystals and essential oils and here I am today working on a doctorate in metaphysics.

But it all started with a belief in the healing power of angels.

Next week I am hosting a free workshop on communicating with the Archangels and everyone who attends will be offered free membership in my Tribe Quest Spiritual and Holistic Life Coaching Group – this group is for all who are looking for support on their spiritual journey.

and whisper.png

Angels are Here

There are signs everywhere, if we are open to receiving them. From random feathers, to goosebumps to just missing being in an accident and you have no idea how you were saved.  Angels are around us and ready to answer our call – if we can open ourselves up to communication.

 Angelite stone has the vibrational properties to support heightened awareness. The blend of oils in doTerra’s Peace supports calming and and feelings of peace. The use of these tools can help you be open to the signs.

To learn more, join my workshop group and take in my Archangel Communication workshop next week. If you sign up now, you will have the benefit of last month’s workshop material that is still posted.

Join here 😇

angels all around.png

Metaphysical Healing

As a student of Holistic Healing, I strive to use every tool I can find in helping myself and others create wellness.  From recommending everyone continue treatment with modern medical doctors, to using ancient and eastern medicine modalities in order to  support western medical treatment, I try to leave no stone unturned.  Often, we forget about our non-physical health, just as we ignore the  many ways we can heal ourselves beyond what the physical world can offer.

Energy healing, Angel Therapy, Vibrational Crystal Healing, Intuitive Life Coaching, Reiki, Chakra Healing, Law of Attraction – these are some of the ways we can use non-physical means to bring ourselves wellness.

Later this month I will be hosting a 3-day workshop on Angel Healing.  You can join the workshop now and take advantage of the September workshop information which will remain posted until the day before the start of Angel Healing.

To join this workshop, click  HERE.


Fall Harvest

Fall is here!🍁🍂🍃 This is a time of change. We change our routines and change our house decorations – we set back the clock and get out our hoodies and pullovers. As we are putting away the summer porch furniture and saying goodbye to the garden, we want to bring a little of the outdoors inside. This is a wonderful blend for your diffuser to get you in the mood for snuggly blankets and football 🏈. Make sure to follow instructions on your diffuser to add the right amount of water 😁🍁🍂🍃

fall aroma.png

Emotional Recharge

Need an Mental & Emotional Escape? This graphic shows us a great way to recharge in our own home! Pamper yourself with a bubble bath, infused with your favorite calming essential oil. Fill the room with calming scents, crystals, and soft light and grab your latest book indulgence. Can’t take a soak in the tub? Then try just soaking your feet. This is a wonderful way to fill your emotional cup with self-care and self-love. ♥

Need an emotional escape at work? Set your emotional crystal set on your desk, place a soft & fuzzy rug under your desk so you can take off your shoes and run your feet through it. Keep a bottle of essential oil on hand to inhale directly from the bottle if you can’t use an infuser in your office. Grab your headphones or some ear plugs and close your eyes and visualize your happy place. Repeat your affirmations in you head as your feet peddle across that fuzzy rug and you deeply inhale your calming essential oil aroma. If you work in a job without an office or desk, you can do all this in your car. 🙂 A five minute break at work with this and you will be good to go!

emotional escape.png

Fill Your Mental & Emotional Cup

We have three parts to holistic health – Mental, Physical and Spiritual.  I am teaching a workshop on Facebook this week that examines how to care for each of these parts of our overall wellness – Filling Our Cup.

The first cup I talk about filling is our Mental/Emotional Cup. Here are some great ways to refill this vital component of your life:

*Spend time with friends – laughing, talking, appreciating, loving. Soak in that connection to others.

*Find an artistic hobby or class – this will allow you to express yourself in a nonverbal way and will actually help you in being able to better communicate your feelings out loud.

*Keep your thoughts positive – make up a list of affirmations you can repeat when you need your cup filled.

*Belly laugh – you’ve got to laugh. Then, laugh some more. Laugh until snot comes out of your nose and you pee your pants a little laughing.

To join the workshop click HERE

This information is not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy. It is not intended to treat or diagnose, but rather to compliment medical advice.

emotional cup fillers.png