Fill Your Cup

Just returned from a short trip I took to recharge and refill my cup. I hope you are keeping your cup filled too. Filling your cup is as easy as taking a walk, meditating, inhaling your favorite essential oil, or spending time with a friend.  When your cup is full, you are able to help others, feel joy and happiness, and be your best self.

Take care of yourself.



Emotional Support

Some days we need a little extra pick-me-up out of the blues.  I love essential oils that relax me and help me shut down all the over-thinking.  Rose quartz and amethysts are my go-to crystals for almost everything, but especially when I need a friendly energy around me.  If today is one of those days for you, give these a try.  xo Genie

Mini Vaca

One thing I have learned from my spiritual teachers and mentors is that you have to fill your cup first before you can give to others.  Here are some pix from my three day beach trip – Filling my cup.  (with mimosa on occasion)

Live Your Dream Now

life your life today

So many of us live our lives in miserable jobs or unhappy towns or taking classes we aren’t interested in, because we think that someday all this work and study will end in us living our dream life.  Someday we will live in this city… someday we will travel to this place… someday we will work in this industry… someday we will have enough money, enough education, enough perfection, to be happy in our lives.  Someday, someday, someday. 

Would you believe me if I told you that you could be living someday TODAY?

I will tell you how.  Join my 5 day workshop on Facebook that starts September 12th.  Check back here for the link next week.



Remembering Diana

I visited Althorp Estate in 2001, just four years after she died.  The Earl Spencer was on hand signing books in the gift shop – I picked up a book and this beautiful cup.  The grounds, the house, the Diana memorial, her gowns and dresses – to someone who grew up in small town WV, it was a magical place, full of history – full of sadness.  It’s hard to believe it has been nearly twenty years she’s been gone. Continued peace Princess.

New Everything!

workshop collage

September 2016 is the month of newness for Coach Genie!  New website!  New direction!  New skills!  New groups!  Ahhh!  It’s such an EXCITING TIME!!!  Jump right in and join me on this QUEST!

Check out this new site, and sign up for blog updates, some courses, and the Angel Quest Newsletter!

Peace, Love, Light and Positive Thoughts Headed Your Way!!  xo Genie