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As I mentioned on the Earn Free Courses page, Dr. Aly Doyle, founder of Blossoms United Doterra Team, has written several courses that she offers to Blossoms members with free tuition*.  There are Online Business Training Courses, Self-Care Courses, and Certification Courses that give you real skills for self-healing and working with others.

You do need to earn the tuition for these courses, but the value you get from the certifications and trainings far exceed the qualifying orders needed for free tuition.  And remember, Me, Dr. Aly and the other group leaders provide almost daily free training and support!  PLUS, you will receive amazing quality essential orders to use in your self-care routine or healing buisiness!

Here are the current courses:

The Biz Courses:

  • 5 Day Fast Start
  • 21 Day Smart Start

Both of these courses are full of great online biz building tools to get you ahead of the game when building your biz – whether with Doterra or your own biz.  From building your own website, to managing your social media, to creating clever and unique marketing images that are also educational for potential clients.

Intro Courses:

  • Journey to Self-Healing and Sef-Discovery
    • Take a journey through an 8 week self-development course featuring the Chakras!
  • Aromatherapy 101
    • Learn about essential oils and how to safely add them to your self-care routine or healing business!!

These courses give you an introduction to self-healing, essential oils and the Chakra System.

Certification Courses:

  • Vibrational Crystal Healing (CCH)
    • Learn all about crystals and using them in healing!  Become a certified crystal practitioner!
  • Holistic Tarot Reader (HTR)
    • Learn about Tarot and how to give readings! Become a certified tarot pratitioner!
    • Coming soon!  I can’t wait to tell you about it!

These are certifications that can enhance your current business and assist your work with clients and customers or add greatly to your ability to care for and heal yourself!  Aly offers these courses to the public too – but the two current courses are almost $1000 for the pair.   You will be getting tons of value by earning the courses for free with purchases of oils and products.


I now am adding my own FREE courses to the line up!!

Genie Mathews Holistic Wellness Academy:

  • Vision Quest, Journey Through Transformation 12 Week Course
  • How to Give Yourself an Oracle Card Reading Mini-Course
  • other mini-courses coming soon!

Vision Quest is a course that leads you through the process of getting unstuck and moving forward in life towards your dreams.  This course is great for anyone going through life changes and is lost or without direction.

Visit my Doterra website for information on enrollment kits or to join me!  COACH GENIE

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  1. Join as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate with an enrollment order of $35-$99 to earn BOTH of these Blossoms United courses PLUS my courses:



2. Join as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate with an enrollment kit of 100pv – 224pv to earn ONE of these courses (plus the courses in #1):

  • Vibrational Crystal Healing (CCH)
  • Holistic Tarot Reader (HTR)


3.  Join as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate with an enrollment kit of 225pv (Home Essentials Kit) or higher to earn ONE of these courses PLUS the bonus course listed and the biz courses in #1:

  • Vibrational Crystal Healing (CCH)
  • Holistic Tarot Reader (HTR)
  • PLUS BONUS: Journey to Self-Healing and Self-Discovery Course


4.  To earn the second certification course: After joining with a 100pv or higher, you can earn the second certification course (whichever you did not choose first) by being on LRP* of 100pv or higher for three consecutive months.

  • Vibrational Crystal Healing (CCH)
  • Holistic Tarot Reader (HTR)


*LRP = Loyaly Rewards Program.  LRP is an order you set up to repeat each month (though you can make changes – I always do!)  The LRP allows you to earn free points to purchase oils with.  You can earn commission from your downline who are also on LRP.  Each month Doterra offers freebies for LRP orders over 125pv and often has other freebies for LRP orders.  (PV =  product value. Most oils are the same pv as the price you pay.  Other items might have a lower pv amount than what you pay.)




5.  If you do not qualify for the Journey to Self-Healing  and Self-Discovery Course with your enrollment kit purchase, you can earn it by placing your first LRP order of $125 or more in a future month!



6. And looking ahead, to earn the NEW CERTIFICATION COURSE, coming out this fall, you will need to be on the LRP of 100pv or higher for six consecutive months.  (If you join my team you will learn all about the course coming up!)   **If you enroll with the OIL SHARING KIT ($800) or higher you will automatically qualify for the new course!  (PLUS all the other courses!)

** This is the most up-to-date information I have on the new course.  Information and qualifications could change prior to launch and I will correct this posting at that time.

For complete course outlines, click here >>> Blossoms Course Outlines

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