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Hi, Lovelies!  I thought I’d put together a resource page for all the ways you can connect with me for free and also add some great free downloadable files for your journey.  These files and resources may change from time to time, so check back here for updates or make sure to be on our newsletter list to get announcements of additions to this page.  ~ G


Weekly Advice Blog

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NEW! to is Genie’s Advice Blog, Dear Genie.  This new feature launches February 12th just in time for a special Valentine’s Day Relationship Edition!  You can submit your request now just by clicking the contact tab above.  Any topic dealing with LOVE, LEADERSHIP, LIFECYCLES AND LIVING are welcome!  *Genie is not a medical doctor and so any questions concerning medical issues should be directed to your healthcare provider.  

Free Facebook Workshops on Metaphysical and Spiritual Topics for Holistic Healing & Wellness


Each month I host a workshop on a topic that helps us on our spiritual journeys.  These workshops are beginner level instruction on using metaphysical and holistic tools for living a life of happiness and wellness.  The workshop stays posted in the group for two or three weeks, so there is no rush to attend the daily postings.  Once the workshop is removed, I take the information and work on it a bit more – polish it up and transfer it to the Holistic Wellness Academy as a free mini-course.  To join the workshop group, just click the image above and sign up for the group.

Holistic Wellness Academy Free Mini-Courses

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The Genie Mathews Holistic Wellness Academy was started so that I could place all the courses and workshops I offer in one central location.  The platform is on Open Learning and is very user friendly.  There are LOTS of free courses from other authors on this platform that you can also dive in to.  It’s a great place for people who love to soak up learning.  I will offer a few tuition based signature courses that are full-length, in-depth, courses for continued learning and growth at the academy as well – but, I always try to give involved students and really great discounted price for anything tuition based.  For more information, just click the image above.


Downloadable Resources

Check back for additions to this list or sign up for our newsletter for updates>> Genie’s Newsletter

  • 2018 Sticker Printables for Your Planner

This page of motivational quotes can be printed on sticker paper and the images easily cut out to place in your planner or on a note to someone who needs a pick-me-up. 🙂  Click the image to open the pdf to download.

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  • 2017 Goal Planning Workbook

The 2018 Goal Planning workbook is in the making so I’m giving you the 2017 to finish out the year!  You can also take the Goal Planning Workshop in the Academy to work though your goal planning step-by-step!  (Please ignore the references to joining Tribe Quest as that offer is no longer available – Thanks!)  


  • Essential Oil Data Card

This card helps you keep track of the oils you like and how you use them.  Right click to save this image.

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  • Chakra Affirmation Cards printable cards

Print these wallet cards and keep them with you during the day for a pick-me-up Chakra Charge when you need it!

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  • Fall Aromas – Essential Oil Blends Poster

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