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Hello to all aspiring life coaches and those ready to take their coaching biz up a notch!  ✨

Do you feel an energy shift happening across the globe? 💫 Are you an empath that longs for the wisdom to help others heal? 🗨 Are you desiring transformation and healing for yourself?   ☯ Do you have empathic skills and want to help others on their journey to happiness, success and wellness? 😍🙏

I’ve been right where you are and for years I studied 📓on my own and tried to steer my path to wellness. I spent tens of thousands of dollars 💰on courses and training and self-help books only to still be unable to connect this knowledge 💁 to living a real life.

It wasn’t until I began my formal studies that all the pieces began falling in to place. It was the guidance and mentoring from my professors and leaders that really shed the light☀ on all the lessons and training I had taken for so many years.

That’s what this Apprenticeship is really all about.  It’s giving you a sound and thorough base of knowledge while mentoring you towards self-wisdom. 💡  When you complete this program you will graduate feeling confident and competent in your ability to use your holistic tools and knowledge in a wise and healing way 💖 as a life coach.

And just in time!  The coaching industry was already a big business and in recent years spiritual and holistic coaching has continued to gain popularity.  People need help getting past the blocks that keep them stuck in life.  They are searching for someone to help them figure out how to live their life purpose.  And here you are!

Check out the program info below and see if it’s right for you…

💜 Dr. G

Check out this Apprenticeship Overview!

New info on this program is being updated!  This included a program discount for January Apprentices and a few other changes!  You asked and we listened!  



Some comments from students who have studied with me:

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Chakra Power

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Essential Luxury

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Mind Hack

Vibration manifestation

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