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Life Coaching is a billion dollar industry in the U.S.  People are in need of guidance in all areas of life from business to fitness to personal growth to traversing major life changes.  Clients are seeking empaths, lightworkers, alternative healers, and spiritualists to help them walk the path of their dreams and passions!

Interested in using your journey and experience in self-healing to help others?  You have everything you need inside of you.


 If you work in a healing, holistic wellness, massage, energy healing or the alternative medicine field, having a life coaching credential can take your practice and skills even higher and lead to increased business and success.  Even if you work in a traditional western medicine field, life coaching skills can help you work with clients who are experiencing emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks to their healing.  Business leaders with life coaching skills have greater communication skills and effectiveness in their position leading others. And, even if you are not working in a professional capacity, there are so many people who can relate to your struggles and overcoming them – your skills and experience are much needed in the world. 

I’m looking to build a team, or tribe, of coaches trained in my program, Synergy Life Coaching™, to bring a holistic and spiritually uplifting style of coaching to the community.

A Synergy Life Coach™ is someone who can work with clients to find their heart-centered goals and help them overcome the blocks that keep them from living the life they desire.  It’s about being all you want to be through awareness – consciousness – intuition – connection to your higher self.  It’s modern day Shamanism.  

  • Do you have a desire to help others heal and connect to their intuition and inner voice?
  • Would you like the skills to be a better leader?
  • Are you someone that people are drawn to when they have problems?
  • Would you like to work on your own healing and growth while you learn to help others?
  • Have you tried to study spirituality in the past but felt you needed some guidance and mentoring?

I’ve been right where you are and for years I studied on my own and tried to steer my path to holistic wellness. I spent thousands of dollars on courses and training and self-help books only to still be unable to connect this knowledge to living a real life.

It wasn’t until I began my formal studies that all the pieces began falling in to place. It was the guidance and mentoring from my professors and leaders that really shed the light on the lessons and training I had taken for so many years.  Everything began to makes sense because I was working with people who had walked my path.

That’s what this Apprenticeship is really all about.  Walking with you on this path to increasing your awareness and skills to heal and live your best life and to help others do the same.  This apprenticeship will give you a sound and thorough base of knowledge in spiritual based coaching and heart-centered goal planning, while learning skills to help yourself overcome limiting thinking and beliefs that are holding you back.

When you complete this program you will graduate feeling confident and competent in your ability to use your holistic tools and knowledge in a wise and healing way to promote living a life of passion and happiness as a Synergy Life Coach™.


Check out the program info below and see if it’s right for you…

💜 Dr. G

Check out this Apprenticeship Overview!


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Some comments from students who have studied with me:

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Recent News & Updates on the Apprenticeship!

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The Apprenticeship Program has been re-imagined!  This new and improved program is more affordable and all links to joining another company for advanced training are gone! We have evolved the apprenticeship to best create competent and high vibe life coaches and leaders in our community.

“I had the greatest intentions of using my connections with a wonderful leader and healer in my DoTERRA upline to give you access to some amazing courses that she created.  Unfortunately, the energy was all wrong for our purpose and mission–which is to create a tribe of coaches that are focused on the highest good of the client as the focus and priority.  So, we’ve changed our direction and concept to fit the kind of coaches we want to train.”  -Dr. Genie

The program will officially begin in January 2020 and application/consultations will be happening in the months leading up to the kickoff.

Once the first group begins, applications will be on-going; however, acceptance is not guaranteed. Space is limited.

 Basic information for Synergy Life Coach™ Apprenticeship:

  • One-time fee of $120 per apprentice (payment plan available)
  • 12-month program
  • One course with assignment and test per month
  • Purchase individual tools and supplies as necessary
  • “C” or above final grade for each course is required
  • NEW! Volunteer hours offset course costs*
  • Attend monthly talks and programs
  • Final Practicum required for Synergy Life Coach™ Certification
  • Annual continuing education class mandatory for renewed certification and Advanced Certification.

*Volunteer hours are replacing the $75 per course fee previously required .  Hours required may vary per course.  These hours are for training and experience. 


If you are interested in learning more, set up a Consultation Appointment so I can talk to you more and give you an application!  Click below or use the Appointments tab above!