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These are the current free course available:

  1. Chakra Power!
  2. Give Yourself Oracle Card Readings
  3. Goal Planning Workshop 
  4. Self-Healing Safari Adventure
  5. Dream Detective
  6. Practical Crystal Living

All the mini-courses come with free access to my private Facebook group where I add new workshop content each month exclusively to the group before transferring it to the academy for public access.

**Tuition to these courses is FREE.**

To take one of these courses you will create a free account with OpenLearning as your sign-in account for the academy. 🙂

Here are the Course Outlines for Current Offerings

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Course 1:  Chakra Power!



This course will give you a solid understanding of how to clear and power up your Chakras and why it is important to do so.  

There are ten lessons in this course including a Chakra Activation Visualization and a Power Up Video for each of the 7 main Chakras.  

As a bonus, you will get a pdf of my Chakra Affirmation Cards that you can print and keep handy when you need an emotional pick me up.  

As a second bonus, I have added a mandala coloring book to help with stress relief and meditation. 

Lesson 1:  Chakra Activation & Overview

Lesson 2:  Power Up the Root Chakra

Lesson 3: Power Up the Sacral Chakra

Lesson 4: Power Up the Solar Plexus Chakra

Lesson 5: Power Up the Heart Chakra

Lesson 6: Power Up the Throat Chakra

Lesson 7: Power Up the Third-Eye Chakra

Lesson 8: Power Up the Crown Chakra

Lesson 9: Using Crystals 

Lesson 10: Using Essential Oils

Bonus 1:  Chakra Affirmation Cards

Bonus 2:  Mandala Coloring Book

**Tuition to this course is FREE.** 

 Course 2:  Give Yourself Oracle Card Readings

day 1 Some Oracle Cards.png

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: What are Oracle Cards
  • Lesson 2: All About Your Deck
  • Lesson 3: Prepare Yourself & Your Space
  • Lesson 4: Give Yourself a Reading
  • Lesson 5:  Advanced Interpreting the Cards
  • Bonus 1:  Sample Readings
  • Bonus 2:  Pdf Course Ebook with additional spreads

**Tuition to this course is FREE.**

 Course 3: Goal Planning 


Course Information

This course will help you make clear goals and action steps to get you moving in the right direction.

But, more than just task oriented goals, this course will get you on the path to your dreams by showing you that you can be living your passions and desires today.  

Use this goal planning system for short-term goals and projects, or use it to plan out your future!   

  • Step 1: Wants/Goal
  • Step 2: Dreams
  • Step 3: Passion & Desire
  • Step 4: Needs for Success
  • Step 5: Action Steps
  • Step 6: Goal Plan Contract

**Tuition to this course is FREE.**

Course 4:  Self-Healing Safari Adventure

on the jeep.jpg

Course Information

By the end of this course you should be feeling better and more alive!  You will have connected with your Chakras and learned some great ways to support your own health and wellness.  Additionally, you’ll have gained an appreciation for our relationship with wildlife and their connection to us.  

Prerequisites: This course assumes you have a basic knowledge of the 7 main Chakras.  If you are new to working with this energy system, feel free to sign up for my free Chakra Power mini-course located here in the Holistic Wellness Academy.

This course was originally created exclusively for my private Facebook group and it now available to the public for free.  

It can be taken as a 7 Day Challenge (invite your friends to do it with you!) or you can do one lesson a week or go at the pace you choose.  


Course Outline

Day 1:  Be a Lion!

The first day of Self-Healing has to start with the magnificent Lion and his imposing physique because ensuring our physical wellness is being taken care of properly. Our body is like the foundation of a house – it holds us up. A good foundation helps us feel secure, welcome, comfortable and provided for adequately.  

Day 2: Don’t Tame the Tiger!

On day 2 we are going to focus the passionate and fearless Tiger and on things that we are passionate about, living in flow and creating abundance.

Day 3: Make Friends with the Crocodile! 

Day 3 is going to focus on the powerful Crocodile and how we are going to take back our POWER! And we’re going to do it in a way that is productive and moves us forward.

Day 4: Elephants Express Tremendous Joy! 

On the fourth day we are exploring the beautiful Elephant. With today’s challenge we are going to do some heart healing and get in touch with feeling joy with the tools of empathy and compassion.

Day 5: Gorillas Don’t Complain!

Day 5 we are visiting the Gorilla. Gorillas are complex communicators – closely related to human capability – and perhaps even better at saying exactly what they mean to say.

Day 6:  Be Like a Giraffe and Rise Above

On day 6 we see how the giraffe rises above the rest of the animal realm. His height and long neck allows him to see over the horizon – further than the rest.  Let’s look at our own ability to rise above and predict what is ahead.  

Day 7:  Strut Your Divine Self Like a Peacock!

On our final day we are meeting the Peacock.  A truly magnificent example of natures beauty that can be a reminder of our own divine perfection and connection to the Creator Source. 

**Tuition to this course is FREE.**

Course 5:  Dream Detective

Dream detective image

Course Information

Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams.

In this course you will learn to record and investigate your dreams for messages and meaning.

Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Introduction

What are dreams?  How can they help us heal?

Lesson 2: Types of Dreams

Uncover the four main reasons we dream. 

Lesson 3:  Recording Your Dreams

Learn how and why you should keep a dream journal plus download a dream journal template. 

Lesson 4:  Interpretation through Intuition

Intuition is the greatest tool you have for interpreting your dreams.  Learn how to use intuitive tools to help in your investigation. 

Lesson 5: Dictionary Definitions

Discuss using dream dictionaries plus download my A-Z Dream E book! 

Lesson 6:  Common Dream Meanings

A slide show of some of the most common dream symbols and their meanings. 

Lesson 7:  The Dream Detective Method

You’ll learn my method for investigating my own dreams and view a video about a time I got an interpretation wrong. 

Lesson 8:  Sample Dream to Interpret

Help uncover the emotional meaning of a sample dream borrowed from a friend who came to me to help her discover the meaning. 

Lesson 9:  Intentional vs Lucid Dreaming

Learn how to set an intention to receive messages through your dreams.  Often confused with Intentional Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming is actually being able to actively participate in your dreams. You are not awake, but you are aware that you are dreaming. It’s quite cutting edge stuff! 

Lesson 10: Dream Support

Learn about what crystals and essential oils are great for dreaming or for a good nite’s rest. 

 Course 6: Practical Crystal Living

course icon 3

By the end of this course you will be able to purchase the stone you need, safely use and care for a basic set of crystals, and work with them in everyday practical ways. 

This course will take you through the steps of choosing a crystal, caring for it when you get home and how to work with it. 

For the purposes of this course, we will not be going over the physics or geometry of crystals.  This course will focus on the metaphysical properties and how you can practically and easily add them to your daily life. 


Course Outline

Lesson 1:  Choosing The Right Crystal for You

In this lesson you will seek guidance from your intuition in choosing the crystal that is meant for you. 

Lesson 2:  Cautions & Considerations

Not all crystals & minerals are harmless.  Learn how to safely work with your stones.  

Lesson 3:  Does Size, Shape, or Altered Matter?

Crystals come in lots of shapes and sizes and some are altered by man.  Does this affect the crystal energy?

Lesson 4:  Caring for Your New Crystal

Learn how to clear your stones of negative energy and how to keep them safe and happy. 

Lesson 5:  My Top 13 Beginner Stones

This lesson will discuss 13 terrific stones for beginners just starting to work with crystals. 

Lesson 6:  Amazing Advanced Stones

Learn about a few advanced stones. 

Lesson 7:  Practical Crystal Living Tips, Part I

In this lesson you will learn some practical ways to use crystals in your everyday life.  

Lesson 8:  Practical Crystal Living Tips, Part II

More practical ways to use your crystals for everyday. 

Lesson 9:  Crystal Grids

You’ll learn a few simple grids to help you manifest your desires. 

Lesson 10:  Full Moon Ceremony

Full moons are great times to treat your crystals to a moon bath as well as a powerful time for manifesting.  

Bonus 1:  Crystals & Chakras Chart

This pdf chart shows examples of stones that are great to work with each chakra. 

Bonuse 2:  The Pocket Book of Stones

A great pdf book about crystals by Robert Simmons