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Latest Metaphysical Additions


Worry Stones are great to keep in your pocket or on your desk to have when you need someplace to channel nervous energy.  $3.50 each


Incense and Holders.  Incense clears away old stagnant air and freshens up your environment.  Incense is $1.25 a box for each variety in stock.


Crystal Pendulums.  Selenite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and chakra Pendulums.  Price varies per stone.


Dream Catchers.  Whether you are having bad dreams or want answers to your questions to come through dream time, these beautiful pieces will support you.  Prices vary per piece.


Palo Santo and Sage Smudge Bundles. Metaphysical staples for cleansing your environment and other tools.  Palo Santo is $4.00 for two sticks.  Sage Smudge Bundle (small) is $3.50.



Crystal and Chakra Information Charts.  These charts have answers to many of your questions about the Chakras and tumbled crystals.  They are full color laminated with info on both sides and there are two different crystal charts. Each chart is $4.50.


Reiki Candles.  These fragrant candles have been infused with Reiki and oils and fragrance to support healing in the area indicated on each candle- love, peace, health, prosperity, protection and others.   $5.00 each.


And we’ve still got spirituality books, oracle cards, tarot cards, chakra crystals, healing crystal sets, chakra affirmation cards and more 😁✨⭐

Stop in at the Sanctuary by the Starving Artist.  103 West Main St., Bridgeport, WV.

Message me via the contact tab if there are items you’d like to be able to buy locally for your spiritual needs. I’ll do my best to stock what you need 💖