Oracle Card Sessions

Oracle Card Session

People often ask me what the difference is between reading Tarot and reading Oracle cards.  First of all, both are really wonderful ways to seek support for finding answers and building confidence in making your own decisions.  I love both and have many, many decks from both systems.

I see the difference like this…

Tarot is a system of symbols, history, mysticism, and folklore that tells a story to bring you a life lesson.  It is like sitting down with a wise family elder or tribal shaman or crone to seek knowledge and advice.  These elders share their wisdom through stories passed down to them through ancestors and traditions – and so it is with Tarot.  It is deep, rich, and sage advice from those who came before.

And it takes a long time to study, practice, and become a wise practitioner of the Tarot.

Oracle is a system of themes and advice.  Each deck is it’s own system.  Just as each friend you have may be different, each deck of Oracle is different as well.  You go to one friend to seek advice about love, and one to seek advice about fitness, and one that loves to party – right?!  So it is with the Oracle – a conversation with a very dear friend.  A conversation.  A comforting voice that helps guide you find the answers within you.

The gift of an Oracle Card Reader is to be connected closely to their intuition so they can draw the cards meant for the client.

I read both the Tarot and the Oracle.  But I am honest enough to tell you that I have not yet earned the wisdom to be a practitioner of the Tarot publicly.   Oracle is a natural fit for my intuitive and empathic abilities and I am absolutely confident in my abilities to give helpful and hopeful readings for you.

A thirty minute Oracle Session with three-card drawing and specialty card is $25.


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