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There are many ways we can work together privately!  I offer Transpersonal/Spiritual Counseling, Synergy Coaching Packages, Oracle Card Readings, Reiki Energy Sessions, and Aromatherapy, Essential Oil, and Crystal Healing Advising.

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To set up an in-person Oracle Coaching Session, contact me via the appointments page.

To order an online Oracle Session, request a reading via my Facebook Page or using the contact page here.

Readings are $25 and I pull three cards from one main deck and then oneoracle card reading 61417 card from a specialty deck.  I choose your decks based on your question and where my intuition leads me.  Sessions last about thirty minutes in person.

Longer sessions and bigger card spreads can be discussed.  The price will vary for those readings.

I do call these “sessions” because I feel very much that the cards help us work through life issues just as coaching does.

Payment is due prior to the session.  This allows our energy to be clear from any monetary concerns or energy exchange vibrations.

Message me on Social Media or via Private Message!

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In addition to my PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, I am also an Ordained Minister of Metaphysical Humanism and a Certified Spiritual Counselor.

Spiritual Counseling, also called Transpersonal Counseling, are single appointments where we can work on relationships, fears, doubts, worries, stresses and areas of overwhelm in your life.  I’ve got some great techniques and ideas on how to help you overcome these obstacles in your life that have you feeling unhappy, unloved, alone, or unsuccessful.  We can work together to transmute all that negativity in your life in to a happier you moving forward.   Schedule an Appointment.

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In-Person and Online Synergy Coaching

My Synergy Coaching Method can be done in my office or online through any media that allows us to connect face to face and talk.  Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and Skype are all great platforms to choose from.  Email and phone support are a part of both in-person and online packages!

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to everyone who wants to work with me privately.  I think it is fair to allow you to get to know me and for me to get to know you before we decide to make plans to  work together.  Coaching packages are put together for a specific time frame and I do not do single sessions of coaching, so it is important that we resonate with one another before beginning coaching sessions.  Spiritual Counseling are single sessions.  We’ll talk about the difference during your free consultation.

To book a package with me, contact me through the contact tab above or email me at for online coaching.

For in-person coaching, check out the APPOINTMENTS page for information on making an office visit.   If you contact me online, make sure to give me a good email address and I’ll send you information on how my coaching program works.

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In-Person Reiki Sessions

Reiki mini-sessions are offered as an add-on service for Transpersonal Counseling and Synergy Coaching Sessions.

Distance Reiki Healing

eBook Reiki Introduction PDF CoverDistance Reiki is available online and is open to everyone.  I created an eBook that provides clients with all the information about how to prepare for a distance healing session and what to expect.   This is a great resource created just for the clients benefit, unlike most other Reiki resources which are geared toward the practitioner.

Distance Reiki is a wonderful relaxation session and something that can be sent to you no matter where you are located – even in the hospital.  Relaxation is extremely helpful in the healing process!

Contact me via the contact page to set up a distance session.  $25 per session.



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Essential Oil/Aromatherapy Advising is something I used to only offer to customers who purchase oils through me but am now offering this service in my office.  Just set up an appointment for a Transpersonal Counseling Session.  Transpersonal Counseling covers education and support on all holistic healing and spiritual needs.




Disclaimer: Dr.Genie Mathews Pinkney is not a medical professional and does not give medical or legal advice.  Please use your best judgement when deciding what kind of support you need.  Always follow you physician, therapist, or attorney’s advice.