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ministry icon 2.pngDr. Genie founded the Choose Love Ministry in 2018 so that there was a place of spiritual practice for those who don’t fit the traditional religious mold, but long for a community of life-minded people.  Though the ministry is based on the 9 Principles of Metaphysical Humanism, all are welcome to participate in programs and services regardless of religious affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.  The only qualification is in your desire to live a life of love, joy, and happiness – and to Do No Harm.

As a ministry, like any other, part of our work is to share our knowledge and beliefs with a broader community.  In a religious framing, this might be called going to Church Service or Temple or Mosque.  We are a spiritual ministry, not a religious-based one, so we call these regular gatherings simply classes, workshops, and talks.

The Choose Love Ministry has a simple mission:

to promote metaphysical education, spiritual wellness, charity, and ceremonial rites with the focus on raising the personal energy vibration of the community to the level of love or above.

Our programs are provided on a free or donation basis as much as possible.  Class fees are usually to pay for the cost of tools and supplies you will take home from the class.

Consider making a donation to support these programs.

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