Reiki Update

Due to the large number of Reiki practitioners in the area, I am discontinuing my full-length Reiki sessions as a regular service.  I am happy to do mini-sessions with Transpersonal Counseling Clients and Synergy Coaching Clients.

Mini-Reiki Sessions will now be part of an overall coaching or counseling session.  You can choose to receive Reiki in a regular chair or my new zero-gravity chair which many prefer to the Reiki table.  Sessions will last about twenty minutes and will clear the chakras and test for areas where energy is stuck in the body.

If you desire a full-length Reiki Session, I am happy to refer you to some amazing Reiki Practitioners in my area.  


Reiki means Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.   It is the energy that is in us and all around us and powers our spiritual body much like nutrition fuels the physical body.  Just like a poor diet, our energetic intake can be poor in vibrational power.  This affects our mood, our ability to be creative, our coping ability, our self-esteem, our connection to our spiritual self, our ability to speak our truth effectively, our relationships with others and also our self-healing capabilities.  

A Reiki Session is a relaxation technique which helps to maintain homeostasis (balance) and our ability to heal.  It cleans out the negative energy that keeps us from living as our best self and energizes us with fresh, clean, life energy to support optimal living.  



Mini-Reiki Sessions are priced as an add-on to a regular counseling or coaching session.  A current list of services and prices will be provided at your initial free consultation.


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