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Interested in taking the Safari?  This program is really going to kick your goals in to overdrive as you learn to notice when areas of your health and wellness are not optimal and how you can bring those issues back to working optimally using the self-care tools you acquire on your expedition!  Check out more info below! – Dr G.


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8 Week Holistic Wellness Safari

A spiritual journey is like a quest – the search for knowledge.  It’s about the journey, not what you find at the end.  If you are new to the spiritual or metaphysical path, then this class is a really great place to start.

A Safari, in theory, is about seeking out the wonders of nature in our world.  It’s an expedition into unfamiliar territory full of strange beasts and wild terrain.  That kind of sounds like where you are if you have just begun your journey – the unchartered parts of your SELF that you are discovering – the wild beasts of your limiting thoughts and beliefs alongside the wild terrain of your spiritual body (or, soul).

In this 8-week course, you will explore your physical, mental, emotional health and discover your spiritual being so that your self-healing journey, the first step in your spiritual quest, can begin.  By the end of the course you will have synergized all four areas of health into a complete person moving forward in wellness.


  • Each week you will be introduced to a wildlife animal which correlates to a Chakra, or energy center, in your body.


  • You’ll take an expedition into the wild through a guided visualization that lets you live the life of the weekly spirit animal.


  • You’ll learn how you can take on the optimal characteristics of the week’s spirit animal, while avoiding the traits that don’t support your growth.


  • You’ll participate in a Chakra energy clearing session each week.


  • Class materials will include a Safari Journal for notes, Chakra cards, Crystals, quick reference bookmarks, weekly expedition passport, and animal stickers.


  • You’ll sample tools that help clear negative energy and bring up your vibes to match the safari animals/chakras. (crystals, essential oils, sage ,foods, colors, activities, mantras…)


  • Weekly Challenges will keep you motivated and working in between classes.


  • You’ll have the opportunity to share your experience each week with Dr. Genie and other participants.


  • Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual elements will be discussed each week so that your holistic health will be synergized for a complete wellness practice.


  • Join the class Facebook group for daily support and guidance. This is a small group of only those who have taken this course.



Safari Tools


This program will be 8 classes which will run over a three-month span because of the holidays.  Make up days will be scheduled throughout for those who must miss a class. 

At the end of the eight classes, you’ll have new tools and practices to help you in your self-care and holistic wellness practice and  you will feel grounded, confident, and secure in your direction on your journey to health and happiness

The class will meet on Saturday evenings at 6:30pm  to 8:30pm in Dr. Genie’s studio.  

Bring your journal each week and your expedition passport to discuss.  You may also bring a drink and snack for yourself or to share.  Tea, water, and a light snack will be available each week as well.

The cost of the course is $80 for the entire 8-week program.  Payment plans are available with a $20 enrollment and $10 per class for the first 6 classes.  Payments can be made in cash or by PayPal.  Tuition includes study materials, worksheets,  Chakra crystal set, and a sage stick.

Tentative Dates (make up days will be Wednesday of the following week)

November 16th, *30th

December  7th, 14th

January 4th, 18th,25th

February 1st, *8th

*Depending on the group’s personal holiday schedule, we may cancel the November 30th class and add the last class on February 8th.  I’m pretty flexible and this will be a small group, so I will work to make sure no one misses a class or make up class.

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