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genie mathewsDr. Genie has a Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences PhD with a Spiritual Counseling Specialization. Metaphysics is the study and practice of that which is beyond the physical.   It’s the study of the ethereal world where matter does not exist, there are no atoms or particles, no laws of physics, and no physical tools to measure its existence.  This is the world of thoughts, beliefs, dreams, emotions, and memories – the world of Human Consciousness.

Metaphysical Humanistic Science is the study of human consciousness – the way our thoughts and beliefs direct our lives.  In her practice, Dr. Genie uses her experience and expertise to help you overcome negative thinking and limiting beliefs with a new high-vibe awareness in your life.   Through her studies she learned a proprietary counseling method that is proven effective in working with the thoughts and beliefs that can keep us stuck in a cycle of stress, worry, self-doubt and overwhelm.  Dr. Genie also created the Synergy Life Coaching™ program over several years of working with friends, family, and clients who felt stuck in life and needed the answer to moving forward toward their life goals and dreams.

Holistic Wellness is about your total health; Mind – Body – Soul.   You probably have a medical doctor, dentist, eye doctor and many specialists for your body needs.  You may even have a psychotherapist or read self-help books for your mind/mental health.  But, do you have a soul doctor?  Your soul is your higher consciousness – your eternal self – and it needs support and attention just as much as your mind and body.   -Dr. Genie

If you are searching for metaphysical guidance and support, you can work with Dr. Genie in many ways.  Check these links to see how she can best help you.  

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