Soul Doctor

Transpersonal Counseling, also known as Spiritual Counseling, is an area of counseling therapy that goes beyond the physical person and focuses on the spiritual, or soul,  health of clients.  This area looks at consciousness – your beliefs, self-esteem, relationships, decision making, and areas of life that deal with the heart and the soul.

I’m really just a modern day Shaman. 

-Dr. Genie

Soul Doctor clients are usually people experiencing stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, grief, or fear and find themselves stuck this state and unable to move forward in life.

These are just some of the areas of your life that I can help you figuring out.

The goal with my practice is to help you locate and rewrite the limiting beliefs and habits that are causing you pain so that you can move forward in life in the direction of your dreams.  I want you to live your life the way you truly desire – with happiness, joy, success, and peace.

I often suggest tools and modalities in the realm of “tradition” or “alternative” healing, like, Oracle Cards, Reiki, Meditation, Visualizations, Crystals, Hypnosis and other tools.  You are free to decline or request these modalities for your Soul Doctor Session.

Free consultations are available to new clients and consist of a discovery session and deciding if Transpersonal Counseling is the best fit for you and your needs.  There are times when I need to refer potential clients to medical professionals or therapists because their needs are beyond my scope of expertise.  Sometimes, I offer clients Vision Quest Life Coaching™ Sessions instead of counseling as a better fit for their needs.  I will serve you and your best interests always.

Because I am not a medical professional or psychologist I am not able to work with anyone under going current mental health treatment without the approval of the your therapist or medical doctor.  I am always willing to work with those professionals to do what is in your best interest.

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