Dear Genie #3

Have the courage to ask for your desires ♥ Sheila P. writes: Dear Genie, Will I receive more money soon? Dear Sheila P., Oh, Sheila, if I could answer that I would be in great demand as a fortune teller! 🙂 In the Law of Attraction, the secret to manifesting abundance is that you have toContinue reading “Dear Genie #3”

3 Tools to Raise Your Vibes

Each Wednesday on my Facebook page I draw two oracle cards to seek motivation and raising our vibes midway through the work week.  I do a daily reading  every weekday using a different intention and two different decks, which I choose intuitively.  Then, I coach on the messages given to me through the cards. YouContinue reading “3 Tools to Raise Your Vibes”

31 Days of Lessons Learned

I’m not celebrating Christmas this year.  Let’s just say it’s been a loooong year and I am closing it out by recovering from pneumonia.   But, there must be some sort of “end of the year” acknowledgement – and being that this year has had so many ups, downs, sideways, headstands and back-bends, well, thereContinue reading “31 Days of Lessons Learned”