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Dear Genie #31

This week's letter is about connecting with your psychic ability. If you have a question to ask Dr. Genie, send her a letter using the contact tab on the website. Born with a Gift writes; Dear Genie, I think I have psychic abilities but never had anyone I could talk to about them.  I sometimes… Continue reading Dear Genie #31

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3 Tools to Raise Your Vibes

Each Wednesday on my Facebook page I draw two oracle cards to seek motivation and raising our vibes midway through the work week.  I do a daily reading  every weekday using a different intention and two different decks, which I choose intuitively.  Then, I coach on the messages given to me through the cards. You… Continue reading 3 Tools to Raise Your Vibes

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Hello Higher Self

Good morning Higher Self!  I am open and ready to listen to anything you want to tell me today.   I rush around each morning, making my coffee, getting my shower, feeding the cats, cleaning the cat potty... Don't we all rush through our mornings?  Getting the kids to school - getting out the door… Continue reading Hello Higher Self

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Rise Above

The giraffe, with his long neck and tall legs, is able to live on a higher level than other animals. Way up there the air is cleaner and the noise of the animals below is softer.  The leaves are greener - the sun brighter.  It must be a more pleasant experience to live high above… Continue reading Rise Above

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Self Healing Safari

I created a challenge for anyone who has been so busy taking care of everyone else that they neglected themselves.  It's called the 7 Day Self-Healing Safari Challenge and it starts on April 20th in our Facebook Workshop Group. A Safari is about going out in to the wilderness and searching for the life that… Continue reading Self Healing Safari

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Walk Your Talk

When you start a new phase in your life or set out to learn something new, the first thing you do is look for a teacher or a mentor to show you the way.  I have taken courses with some of the greatest in their fields - Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist, Sonia Choquette, Intuition… Continue reading Walk Your Talk

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Family Is

A popular meme that regularly pops up on social media is the quote: Family isn't always blood; it's those who love you unconditionally. I think it is such a popular quote because most of us can relate.  Most of us have felt rejection and nonacceptance from our blood relatives, and most of us have had… Continue reading Family Is

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Most of us who have come through an awakening began our journey out of heart ache, pain or desperation.  I began my quest when my mom became ill.  Others when they hit rock bottom from addiction or mental illness.  There is almost always a catalyst for the desire to seek knowledge. There are mass awakenings… Continue reading Awakenings

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The Feels

The Holiday Season can be rough even for the best of us.  Some are grieving the loss of a loved one, some don't get along with their family, some don't have the money to give the gifts they would like.  I recall a couple Christmases as a single mom with no family dinner, nor gifts… Continue reading The Feels

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Advice Giver

From the time I was in middle school I have always been the advice giver and the secret keeper.  In high school there were girls who never invited me to their homes or parties or to hang out - but if we had downtime in a class, they were telling me their problems and asking… Continue reading Advice Giver