Turning the Big Five Oh No

I’m closing in on my fiftieth birthday and processing the feels is beginning to get a little overwhelming. ūüė¨ It’s not that I feel old or am even lamenting old age; it’s the milestone and the truths that need to be faced at this stage in life.¬† Just like turning 18 and we had allContinue reading “Turning the Big Five Oh No”

#ChooseLove Broadcast

I am excited to invite you all to listen in for our first #ChooseLove Broadcast that launches this evening @ 8pm (New York, EST) !!!   This new online weekly radio show is all about talking about life and the ways we can choose to live from a place of love.¬† It’s a choice thatContinue reading “#ChooseLove Broadcast”

Love Is The Cure

When you are standing up high on a pedestal of self-righteousness, it’s really hard to see way down to the roots of that terrible thing you tower over. You know you are right. You know you have the moral high ground. Those other people are so wrong it makes you furious! You are in theContinue reading “Love Is The Cure”

Reverend of Metaphysical Humanism

Hello friends! I am stopping in today to announce that after a year of study¬† I earned my Masters in Metaphysical Humanistic Science AND am now officially ordained in the Church of Metaphysical Humanism.¬† ūüôŹ‚ú®ūüĆü I’m sure some of you are wondering what the heck is Metaphysical Humanism? Metaphysics quite simply means the study ofContinue reading “Reverend of Metaphysical Humanism”

Results Matter

My course, Vision Quest – Journey Through Transformation, ¬†launches in 19 days! ¬†I’m so excited!! ¬†I love helping people ~ it’s my purpose without a doubt¬†‚ô• But, I’m not reaching people. ¬†Ads are getting likes, but not enrollments. ¬†FB Lives are being watched, but people aren’t clicking the link to the course page. ¬†Numbers areContinue reading “Results Matter”

Created Twice

Everything is created twice. ¬†First in the mind, and then in your life. This is ancient knowledge from the Hermetic Principal of Correspondence. ¬†“As above, so below. ¬†As within, so without.” ¬†What we think in our minds, we create in our external world. Hermes Trismegistus¬†was an ancient Egyptian philosopher that was so greatly admired theContinue reading “Created Twice”

Home Is…

My family moved around a lot when I was a kid – house to house, apartment to apartment – the longest home we had was 8 years and it was a long and unhappy 8 years. One of my grandmothers lived in the same house until I was about 16. ¬†This was the place IContinue reading “Home Is…”


I heard the word “brules” this year from Mindvalley Founder, Vishen Lahkiani. ¬†This crazy word really opened my mind to the societal blocks I had always placed on myself – things that were stopping me from living life the way I chose to live it. Brules = Bullshit Rules. ¬†They are beliefs we have inheritedContinue reading “Brules”

Stuff Happens

This was not supposed to be my lesson post for today. ¬†Horrifyingly, I woke up to a flooded basement because of backed up drainage pipes. ¬†The title of this blog should really be “Shit Happens”, but I decided to save the crassness for the meat of this blog. Yes, my laundry/storage room is flooded withContinue reading “Stuff Happens”

Family Is

A popular meme that regularly pops up on social media is the quote: Family isn’t always blood; it’s those who love you unconditionally. I think it is such a popular quote because most of us can relate. ¬†Most of us have felt rejection and nonacceptance from our blood relatives, and most of us have hadContinue reading “Family Is”