Dear Genie #28

Spiritual Advice from Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney Too Old for a Life writes: Dear Genie, I’m 64 years old. I spent my whole life caring for other people.  I watched my sisters when we were children.  I raised my own children.  Then I took care of my parents until they passed.  I never went toContinue reading “Dear Genie #28”

Action vs Distraction

  In 2018 it was my mission to bring back LOVE.  Not romantic love, but love from our soul.  I focused on self-love, making decisions from a place of love, and most of all, choosing love over fear. We have a long way to go as a species to get back to our original stateContinue reading “Action vs Distraction”

Official Opening of My New Office

Today’s the day! 🎉✨ I’ve been working for weeks getting everything ready to go – applying for tax licenses and insurance, putting together chairs and tables and shelves, and making sure everything is ready to go to provide the best service I can to clients.💜 I began the day with the first meditation I’ve doneContinue reading “Official Opening of My New Office”