Official Opening of My New Office

Today’s the day! ūüéČ‚ú® I’ve been working for weeks getting everything ready to go – applying for tax licenses and insurance, putting together chairs and tables and shelves, and making sure everything is ready to go to provide the best service I can to clients.ūüíú I began the day with the first meditation I’ve doneContinue reading “Official Opening of My New Office”

Dear Genie #7

Today’s advice blog features two letters that deal with stressful relationship situations.¬† They are vastly different scenarios, but equally touching stories from two people who want to be the best they can be for the other person in the relationship.¬† Each response also includes a holistic approach to solutions and healing by addressing physical, mental,Continue reading “Dear Genie #7”

Love Is The Cure

When you are standing up high on a pedestal of self-righteousness, it’s really hard to see way down to the roots of that terrible thing you tower over. You know you are right. You know you have the moral high ground. Those other people are so wrong it makes you furious! You are in theContinue reading “Love Is The Cure”

Results Matter

My course, Vision Quest – Journey Through Transformation, ¬†launches in 19 days! ¬†I’m so excited!! ¬†I love helping people ~ it’s my purpose without a doubt¬†‚ô• But, I’m not reaching people. ¬†Ads are getting likes, but not enrollments. ¬†FB Lives are being watched, but people aren’t clicking the link to the course page. ¬†Numbers areContinue reading “Results Matter”

Elephant Sized Heart

There is no doubt that Elephants are gentle giants. ¬†Their ability to express emotion often brings us to feelings of joy and sorrow. ¬†How sad we feel when an elephant sheds tears. They truly elicit our empathy and compassion. They are loving, bonding, intelligent and forgiving creatures. ¬†I often wonder if elephants are so largeContinue reading “Elephant Sized Heart”

Home Is…

My family moved around a lot when I was a kid – house to house, apartment to apartment – the longest home we had was 8 years and it was a long and unhappy 8 years. One of my grandmothers lived in the same house until I was about 16. ¬†This was the place IContinue reading “Home Is…”

Family Is

A popular meme that regularly pops up on social media is the quote: Family isn’t always blood; it’s those who love you unconditionally. I think it is such a popular quote because most of us can relate. ¬†Most of us have felt rejection and nonacceptance from our blood relatives, and most of us have hadContinue reading “Family Is”

Calling Out 2016

My image today says, “2016 Broke All The Rules.” What I really wanted to say was, “2016 Was Bullshit!” I don’t want to turn this in to just another rant about how the world sucks, but there were a heck of a lot of sucky things that went on this year. ¬†Aleppo, Dakota Pipeline andContinue reading “Calling Out 2016”

The Feels

The Holiday Season can be rough even for the best of us. ¬†Some are grieving the loss of a loved one, some don’t get along with their family, some don’t have the money to give the gifts they would like. ¬†I recall a couple Christmases as a single mom with no family dinner, nor giftsContinue reading “The Feels”

Advice Giver

From the time I was in middle school I have always been the advice giver and the secret keeper. ¬†In high school there were girls who never invited me to their homes or parties or to hang out – but if we had downtime in a class, they were telling me their problems and askingContinue reading “Advice Giver”