New Beginnings

It’s New Year’s Eve 2017!!  Are you getting ready for a party?  Going out on the town?  Watching fireworks tonight?  Making a list of everything you plan to change? The start of a new year does signal new beginnings for a lot of us.  Do overs.  Changes.  Resolutions.  A chance to start fresh. What happensContinue reading “New Beginnings”

2017 Goal Plan

Start 2017 with a game plan! Click to sign up and get my FREE Goal Planning Workbook! This goal planner is not like most you’ve come across.  In this workbook we not only ask what you want – but why you want it and how it fits in to your life’s dreams. Also, in theContinue reading “2017 Goal Plan”

Self Acceptance

You are a being gifted with the universal law of Free Will.  That means you have the power to create your own thoughts, to take the action you choose in a situation, and to decide your own beliefs. You are uniquely individual from all other human beings.  And yet, you look to other people for approvalContinue reading “Self Acceptance”