Dear Genie #30

Today’s letter was sent to me a while back and I was very uncomfortable answering it. This is a very controversial topic. But, after receiving some wisdom recently, I feel I can answer it with love and compassion and without overstepping. Desperate Parent writes: Dear Genie, I have a parenting question.  My daughter was throwingContinue reading “Dear Genie #30”

Dear Genie #8

Have a question you’d like to ask Genie?  Anything about life, love, leadership, living your best life are welcome!  Click the link below to submit your question!   Today’s Letter   Seeking Acceptance writes: Dear Genie, I’m not a religious person like my family. I also work with divination tools like the Tarot and seekContinue reading “Dear Genie #8”

Family Is

A popular meme that regularly pops up on social media is the quote: Family isn’t always blood; it’s those who love you unconditionally. I think it is such a popular quote because most of us can relate.  Most of us have felt rejection and nonacceptance from our blood relatives, and most of us have hadContinue reading “Family Is”