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Welcome Holistic Wellness Academy and Introduction to Holistic Healing Workshop Students!  YES! You are in the right place to join the Facebook Group.  You can click the image below or >>>> click HERE to join.

The Facebook Group is for all of our mini-courses and workshops.  Each month I also offer fresh content in the FB Group before transferring it to the academy and opening it up to the public.  


The next workshop is coming up in November!  It’s a Tarot class focusing just on the Major Arcana of the deck.  This workshop is going to be all about finding your own personal meaning in each card and understanding the journey of the “fool”.  We will also study each of the 22 Major Arcana cards and their symbols while uncovering their historical meanings.  It’s going to be super-intense with tons of downloads and cheat cheats to help you study this beautiful tool for self-awareness and soul advice!

To join this group, you just need to click the image above and sign up!  Once you fill out the form, you’ll be given the link to join the Facebook group – just click the link and request to join.

By signing up this way you will be on the workshop group list to receive a reminder of the start of the workshop PLUS the bonus material for the month.

**The Bonus Download for this workshop will be a PDF coloring book of the 22 Major Arcana Cards from the original Rider, Waite, Smith deck.     (The bonus is for everyone on the workshop newsletter list will be included in the email reminder before the workshop starts)

Tarot workshop announcement