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November & December Course

Celebrate (New Year's) Flairs 9-01

It’s that time of year again – reflecting over the past year and setting our resolutions for the new year!

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Are you struggling to find your direction?  Can’t seem to make headway towards your goals and dreams?  Would you love to get organized and have a clear path ahead of you?  You really can make next year the best year!!


I have shared my system of goal planning and dream living online and with clients for the past three years.  This is a system I use myself for all my strategy and goal planning in my biz and in my personal life because it gives me focus and clarity I haven’t been able to achieve on my own.

How this system works is that it helps you uncover the truth of where you are in this moment.  No shame.  No blame.  No regrets.  Just facts.  You can’t change and grow if you don’t get real, right?!

Then, the system helps you visualize where you want to be – what is your ultimate goal for your life?

Finally, it helps you create some real action steps that you can take today, tomorrow, and over the next year so you can actually start living your dreams now.

Just recently I used this system to help someone make a major life decision on what direction they should go in their education.  They knew the answer deep down but they were afraid to take responsibility for making the decision.  This system showed them that there was no other path for them at this time and made it easy for them to finally make the decision they had been putting off.

This year I am bringing this course to my local audience of friends, family, and followers.  I couldn’t be happier that I can discuss the concepts and suggestions in this system with you in person and in real time.  I would love to help you plot your course for the next year.  Not to mention it will be great to get a start on my own planning for 2019!  I’ll be working my plan right along with you!

No more useless New Year’s Resolutions!  Let’s make a plan that will really work for you and get you excited about next year!


Celebrate (New Year's) Flairs 19-01


Registration opens November 1st and space is limited for each date of the course.  More dates can be added, but right now we have two dates for options.  

November 15th and December 13th, 630pm

 The course is $25 and includes handouts and refreshments.


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(This is a special offer for families because of the importance of working together on goals and planning.  More than any other relationship they need to support and understand the goals each are trying to achieve. )


Register for the date of your choice using the links below or come see me for the special offer:

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*Refunds are not available for this course.  Enrollment may be transferred to someone else if you contact me that you need to make that arrangement.

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