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Getting Out of a Funk

It’s been almost two weeks that I’ve been in this funk.  Yes, the term “funk” dates me, but I like how it describes my general mood.  It’s not a depression or sadness or anger.  It’s just feeling funky – not myself – out of sorts – a lower vibration that doesn’t fit neatly in to one of the levels on the Emotional Vibration Scale.


I’ve spend time each day on self-care and keeping my head above water – not allowing myself to sink in to a negative state.  But, as soon as I would catch a glimpse of Facebook news or comments in the groups in which I am a member, that yucky, not-myself, funk would wash back over me.

The mood put me in a bit of brain fog.  I had a hard time getting motivated to work on my biz or on homework for my masters degree courses.  I even turned off my favorite football team at half-time over the weekend – even though it was a great game.

My daughter would call me “salty”.  That’s a great word, too.  I mean, salty isn’t a bad word – just like I was not in a bad mood.  It describes, perhaps, being a little more coarse, or less soft, than normal.  Yes, I have been “salty”.

After days of meditation and soul searching, I believe it’s the result of being an Empath and absorbing energy from the tremendous amount of pain and suffering happening in the US and around the world right now.  The fires in the western part of the US and the hurricanes with so many people suffering.  The floods across the globe.  The politics and wars.  The deep division in the US that reaches down to the core value of who we want to be as a people.  Tremendous fear and pain going on and you can’t escape it if you turn on the TV, radio or internet.

I’ve been pushing the ideal of choosing love versus the fear and hate and negativity – but in doing so, I have been fighting those things while standing up to them.  And, that’s a great thing – something I hope to keep doing – but it really drained my energy and I think the hurricane disaster and the looming Irma on the way really bottomed out my vibes.

The great thing is that I was able to recognize it was happening and with self-care I have been able to work through it and come through the other side feeling strong and confident and high vibe!  I have been feeling better and better the past few days and today I feel awesome!

Here are 12 things I have been doing to pull myself out of this funk I’ve been in:

  1. Meditation each day.
  2. Acknowledging my mood – not running from it.
  3. Lessen the negative listening – give myself a break from others’ drama.
  4. Keeping my daily morning routine – this is where a self-care routine really helps.
  5. Sleep.  Getting really comfortable with soft pillows and blankets and hogging the bed. Room temperature cool and favorite pj’s on while cuddled with the pillows and blankets.
  6. Taking my Solar Plexus crystals and essential oil blends with me wherever I go.
  7. Chatting with friends about fun stuff.. no politics or problems.
  8. Get the snacking and bad eating in check.  (comfort food was making me feel blah!)
  9. Cut out groups, pages, and following social media that is consistently negative.
  10. Get outside to move your body.  (I played some basketball with my hubby- great fun!)
  11. Get up and do something you love for exercise.  (Turning up the music and dancing plus doing some Qi Gong for me!)
  12. Making lists of things to do to refocus and give you a purpose.  This was a huge help for me.  Lists should be for something you want – goal related or passion related – not chores or shopping lists.


I pulled two cards today with the intention of getting advice on helping us get out of a funk so we can keep sending high vibes to these areas of devastation.  You can see the live video of my reading on my Facebook page, Genie Mathews Intuitive Life Coach.

The first card, See Only Love, is from the Daily Advice from You Angels deck.  This card reminds us to love yourself as well as others.  Focusing on love brings healing.  This is very true when you are feeling down or “salty” and need to pull yourself up.  Think of ways you can love others and love yourself.

The second card, Sound Check, is from the Trust Your Vibes deck and is talking about being mindful of the things you are listening to that may be causing you to be in a funk.  This was true for me, not only with the external talk coming from news about all the suffering going on, but also in my own head with negative thoughts and energy I was absorbing from others.  Check what or who you are listening to and see if you need to take a break from these sources so you can get your vibes back up.

Life happens.  We all get a little out-of-sorts emotionally sometimes.  It’s how we use the tools and knowledge available to us to heal these down times that makes the difference in coming through the other side of it without trauma.  Work on your self-care routine and learn about some of these tools that have really helped me on my journey – most of them are available to learn about on my Holistic Wellness Academy.

Continued Light and Love to all our friends and family affected by the wild fires and hurricanes and other devastating events going on right now.  Prayers for your healing and strength.  

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