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Stuff Happens

This was not supposed to be my lesson post for today.  Horrifyingly, I woke up to a flooded basement because of backed up drainage pipes.  The title of this blog should really be “Shit Happens”, but I decided to save the crassness for the meat of this blog.

Yes, my laundry/storage room is flooded with yuck water.  A year ago I would have flipped completely the hell out.  I would have cursed the sanitation department.  I would have verbally beat down my husband for buying this “money pit” house.  I would have had a total germaphobic anxiety ridden melt down – especially since 2016 has already tried to defeat me so many times.  Mercury Retrograde would have won this time last year.

But, not today.  Not THIS me.  No way.  Not a chance. This wiser version of me is choosing to remain calm and cool.  The changed me is choosing not to lose my shit.

Well, truth moment – I am giving away my less than two years old washing machine because the yuck water backed up in to it and there just isn’t enough bleach on earth to calm my anxiety about that.  Someone in my community is in dire need of a washer and, as long as they aren’t a germaphobe, they will be getting a good one.

Otherwise, I am handling this like a champ.  I want to crawl in to a cave and escape the reality of the clean up ahead of me – but I am getting focused and preparing for the task instead.  You’ve come a long way baby.

I’m off to Walmart for gloves and a face mask and bleach… lots and lots of bleach.

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